Park Seo Joon Reveals He Worked Out More Than 8 Hours Per Day

“I spent 8 hours a day on training…”

Actor Park Seo Joon has revealed that he has been focusing on building his body for his upcoming film, The Divine Fury.

On July 22, Park Seo Joon attended the premiere for The Divine Fury in Seoul where he revealed that he did his best to build his body within a short period of time.

I didn’t have much time to build my body. I made an effort to show the maximum within a short period of time.

ㅡ Park Seo Joon


The Divine Fury is a horror film about a champion fighter who finds himself in an otherworldly battle against evil spirits. Park Seo Joon, who has been cast the character of this champion fighter, stated that he was able to adjust better to the character thanks to his [martial arts experience from the drama, Fight for My Way.

Fortunately, I’ve played the character of a martial artist on KBS 2TV’s Fight for My Way so my body remembered (the moves). So I was able to improve my body condition within a relatively short period of time.

ㅡ Park Seo Joon


He added that he he spend 8 hours a day training at the time while explaining that he continued to work out throughout the filming for the movie.

I spent 8 hours a day on training at that time as well and I kept exercising this time too. I maintained my body by consistently working out until finishing the film.

ㅡ Park Seo Joon


Meanwhile, The Divine Fury will be playing in theaters nationwide on July 31. Check out the trailer below:


Source: Hankyung