5+ Idols Who Are Now Directors In Their Respective Companies And Their Roles In The Company

They’ve traded in the veteran idol status for directorship.

While it is not common for companies to make idols directors in their respective companies, there are indeed exceptions to the rule, particularly if the idols have either walked a long path together with the company, or have contributed significantly to the growth of the company. These 5+ idols have indeed done just that.

1. 2PM

| JYP Entertainment

2PM was announced as directors of JYP Entertainment in 2018, following their renewal of contract with the company. The group holds the highest seniority within the company currently in terms of artistry, save for JYP himself, and are in charge of promoting the company and external affairs. Taecyeon, who chose not to renew with JYP, is the only member of 2PM who is not a director. However, he still is very much part of 2PM.


| Newsen

Hiphop duo, JINUSEAN, were first appointed as team leaders in 2004 after they folded their promotional activities. Jinu manages the foreign affairs in the company while Sean manages internal affairs. They were both reappointed as directors in the recent 2017 stock meeting.

3. BTOB’s Seo Eunkwang

| Cube Entertainment

The most recent addition to the list, Eunkwang was appointed as a director of Cube Entertainment just this August on the 13th. He helps to manage the artist rights and protection, developing new programs to better take care of artists as well as help them in their creative aspects. He is the first artist to be promoted to director within Cube Entertainment.

4. H.O.T’s Kangta

| SM Entertainment

Kangta was appointed as a creative director in SM Entertainment in 2014. Unlike BoA, he has yet to delve deeper into what his role specifically entails, but overall as a non-registered director, he shares an office with BoA and actor Kim Jong Min, and helps to manage future global plans of the company.

5. BoA

| SM Entertainment

BoA was made a non-registered director along with Kangta in 2014. She has previously shared that her role offers help to junior artists who find it hard to communicate things to the company, as well as to provide better guidelines to help them emotionally.

It’s not easy for a company to trust their artist to the extent of giving them a directorship! Most of the artists on the list have been with their company for a minimum of 8 years to make it to director!

Source: Newsen