5 Increasingly Popular K-Pop Girl Groups That Deserve To Make A Comeback ASAP

We all know #5.

While many groups return with fresh music every few months, there are some boy and girl groups that have gone on official or unofficial hiatus. These following girl groups are getting more and more popular for various reasons, and a comeback would solidify their standing in the industry.

Check out some of the groups that deserve to have a comeback below!

1. April

April‘s Naeun is recently gaining attention for her acting in ATEEN. She was also made an MC for Inkigayo alongside MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk and NCT‘s Jaehyun. With this increasing solo popularity, new fans would likely support April’s comeback even if just to support Naeun.

2. gugudan

gugudan is slowly but continuously gaining attention for their members. Sejeong has numerous acting and TV appearances while Mina starred in the popular show Hotel Del Luna. Like with April’s Naeun, the popularity of these two can help gugudan’s next comeback gain more attention.

3. Apink

Apink last returned to the music scene with “%% (Eung Eung)” in the beginning of 2019. They gained attention after an unfortunate incident in a year-end award show. Their performance getting cut by KBS went viral both locally and internationally, putting them on the map and gaining new sympathizers as well as fans.

4. Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG

Girls’ Generation has always been a popular nine-member group, however, their latest comeback was as a successful unit Oh! GG. These SM Entertainment stars have been gaining attention for their solo activities, with Taeyeon notably becoming one of the largest solo artists and gaining awards for her work. A new song from this unit group (and Girls’ Generation as a whole) would be iconic!


Finally, BLACKPINK‘s comeback is the most highly anticipated in the K-Pop scene. The group only released one album in 2019 with the title track “Kill This Love”, leaving fans thirsty for more. Constantly in the eye of the media whether through a magazine pictorial, survival TV show hosting, or interview, BLACKPINK is getting more popular by the day and a comeback would be the icing on the cake.