5 K-Dramas That Got Cut Short Due To Low Ratings

Were you a fan of any of these K-Dramas?

Some K-Dramas run into unfortunate situations where viewers just aren’t that interested in watching. While many K-Dramas ignore this issue, some K-Dramas were forced to take action due to low ratings. Here are a few K-Dramas that were cut short due to low ratings.

1. A Beautiful Mind 

A Beautiful Mind was originally supposed to be a 16 episode K-Drama. While the show had several supporters, especially international ones, the show was reduced to 14 episodes due to lower viewership. The K-Drama had an average viewership rating of 3.7%, which is especially low for a K-Drama airing on a public channel.

2. Mom is Acting Up

This K-Drama was originally supposed to be 120 episodes but got cut to only 27. The continual lack of viewers caused MBC to just cut the show and move on to another project.

3. A Piece of Your Mind 

A Piece of Your Mind was supposed to have a total of 16 episodes, but it was shortened to only 12. The K-Drama was not that appealing to the general public, as its highest viewership rating was 2.4%, which is quite low for a cable K-Drama.

4. Ex-Girlfriends’ Club

Ex-Girlfriends’ Club was originally supposed to be 16 episodes, but it was reduced to only 12. The K-Drama had its highest viewership rating with its first episode, which had a viewership rating of just 1.16%. After the first episode, the show never had a viewership rating that surpassed 1%.

5. Love Frequency 37.2

Love Frequency 37.2 was supposed to have a total of 12 episodes, but it got reduced to just 6. While some viewers were moderately entertained by the show, it was never able to grab the attention of the general public.

Extra: School 2020

Kim Yohan
Ahn Seo Hyun (Left) & Kim Sae Ron (Right)

School 2020 was originally supposed to start filming in March and start broadcasting sometime in August. Controversy arose when the female lead, Ahn Seo Hyun, was kicked off the show due to her father’s excessive demands towards the producers. Ahn Seo Hyun also claimed that she was kicked off in favor of Kim Sae Ron. Due to all the controversies, KBS decided that they would not be airing School 2020. It’s currently unknown if the project will be continued.