5+ K-Pop Animal Crossing: New Horizons Outfit QR Codes Made By Fans For Fans

BRB, we’re scanning all these QR codes now!

Animal Crossing is taking over the world. After all, you know it’s a big deal when K-Pop stars are getting in on the hype. In fact, we’re so into it too that we even re-imagined BTS as Animal Crossing villagers… Seriously!

With the game being as big of a deal as it is, it stands to reason that K-Pop fans around the world have gotten in on the fun, designing incredible replicas of outfits.  Below are just some of the incredible outfits we found on Tumblr… But with the Internet being as vast as it is, there is probably so much more out there!

1. Red Velvet Joy’s “Red Flavor” Outfit


2. SHINee Jonghyun’s Pink Outfit


3. LOONA’s “Love4Eva” Outfit


4. LOONA Vivi’s Solo Outfit


5. BTS V’s 2017 Summer Package Outfit


6. Dreamcatcher’s “Deja Vu” Outfit


If you like or use any of these outfits, please be sure to express your thanks to the creators for the time and effort. 😘