BTS Reimagined As Animal Crossing Characters… Seriously!

WHO is Tom Nook…?!

All the members of BTS are without a doubt wholesome and adorable in their own way… So, you know we had to reimagine them as Animal Crossing characters, right?

1. Jimin as Pietro

Jimin is adorable, likable, and instantly recognizable…

… Just like Pietro! Pietro is a polite and kind villager, who is instantly recognizable thanks to his distinct appearance, but will steal your heart once you get to know him.

2. J-Hope as Resetti

J-Hope is well-known for being a super clean freak. When it comes to being a super clean freak, you have to be organized…

… And who is more organized than the “DON’T FORGET TO SAVE YOUR GAME” master himself, Resetti!!

3. Jungkook as Cookie

At the behest of a resident ARMY, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to compare Jungkook to Cookie.

Cookie is a cute, pink villager with a peppy personality that gets along with everyone… Sound familiar?

4. V as KK Slider

One is a talented musician and…

Oh, snap, the other one is a talented musician too!

5. Jin as Tom Nook

Jin has a lot of money and isn’t afraid to show it, and that’s OK!

Know who else has a lot of money…? That’s right! Tom Nook!

6. RM as Isabelle

RM is clumsy. Notoriously clumsy.


Know who else is clumsy? The super adorable Isabelle! ❤︎

7. Suga as Zucker

Suga is the “lazy” member of the group while Zucker is a “lazy” type villager.

Zucker is a super cute villager that is friendly and easy-going. His catchphrase is “There’s no such thing as luck.

What do you think? Is there anyone you would have imagined as a different Animal Crossing character? There are so many to choose from, with such a wide range of personalities that it was almost impossible to pick. What would you have done differently?


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