5 K-Pop Groups Who Disbanded Prematurely Due To Scandals Or Complications

Number 2 is just sickening.

Some K-Pop groups are practically forced to disband due to things out of their control, such companies mistreating them. However, some K-Pop groups disbanded due to some members getting involved in a scandal or complicated situation. Here’s a list of a few K-Pop groups who disbanded due to situations like this.


GLAM ran into controversy in 2014 when member Dahee was accused of blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun.

Lee Byung Hun

Dahee was later found guilty and sentenced to a year in jail for her actions. This scandal caused Big Hit Entertainment to disband the group, as the group’s image was permanently ruined due to Dahee.

2. S#arp

S#arp was created by member Seo Jiyoung‘s family, who was one of the wealthiest families in Korea at the time.

Seo Jiyoung

It was later revealed that Seo Jiyoung bullied fellow member Lee Jihye by physically attacking her. Seo Jiyoung would even invite her family members over to attack her as well.

Lee Jihye

Due to their ongoing dispute with each other, the group disbanded in 2002. Seo Jiyoung then tried to pay off their manager to lie about the bullying, but the manager refused. The manager spoke publically about all the abuse Lee Jihye had endured, and the public criticized Seo Jiyoung greatly for her actions.

3. K’Pop

It’s rumored that K’Pop disbanded due to complications revolving around 2 of the members being in a homosexual relationship. It’s reported that while the two members were in a relationship, one member decided to cheat with a male idol from another group. Once this was found out, the relationship between the group members was never the same.

4. Swi.T

Swi.T originally debuted under YG Entertainment in 2002. The group was only active for a couple of years, as they ended up disbanding in 2004. Major headlines came when it was revealed that Yang Hyun Suk was in a relationship with Lee Eun Ju, who was a member of Swi.T.

Lee Eun Ju (Left) & Yang Hyun Suk (Right)

Yang Hyun Suk has revealed in the past that he had a crush on Lee Eun Ju from the time she was a trainee. Due to this, he decided to purposely give little effort or support towards Swi.T. Yang Hyun Suk was fearful that Lee Eun Ju would get too popular if he were to give Swi.T the proper promotions.

5. Triple H

Triple H was a group comprised of HyunA, Dawn, and Hui (PENTAGON). During the group’s promotion, rumors came out that HyunA and Dawn were in a relationship with each other, but Cube Entertainment denied the claims. HyunA and Dawn made major headlines when they revealed that they were in a relationship together.

Dawn (Left) & HyunA (Right)

After this reveal, Cube Entertainment decided to terminate both of HyunA and Dawn’s contracts. Triple H is now assumed to have disbanded, as Hui is the only member left at Cube Entertainment.