5 K-Pop Groups Who Got Involved In Controversies Not Long After Their Debut

Number 1 never recovered after their controversy.

It’s quite common for K-Pop groups to run into controversies throughout their careers, as it’s only natural for groups to make some mistakes. There have also been some groups who got involved in controversies not long after their debut. Here’s a list of a few of these groups.

1. A.KOR


A.KOR is a group that debuted in 2014 and made headlines as soon as they debuted. That’s because member Kemy released a diss track targeting Park Bom. In 2014, Park Bom made headlines due to her smuggling amphetamine tablets from the United States. This was a big deal as amphetamine is illegal in South Korea.

Park Bom

Kemy took multiple shots at Park Bom, such as saying that she’s obsessed with plastic surgery and that she got off easy due to her being from YG Entertainment. This didn’t end well for A.KOR, as their image never recovered from this incident.

Here’s the full diss track below.

2. X1

X1 debuted through Produce X 101 and was a group that had incredible success.

However, X1 got involved in controversy when it was revealed that the votes for Produce X 101 were rigged. X1 ended up disbanding only five months after their debut due to this.

3. T-Bird


T-Bird was under fire during an episode of Music Bank, where many netizens believed they were being disrespectful to MAMAMOO.


During the episode of Music Bank, MAMAMOO ended up winning first place. When they were accepting their trophy, some of the members of T-Bird were seen lifting each other. Many viewed this behavior negatively, as they believed they were trying to take the spotlight away from MAMAMOO.

It got to the point where T-Bird had to release an apology.

Hello. This is T-Bird.

First, we want to sincerely apologize to MAMAMOO, the staff, MooMoos, and anyone who was offended by our lack of courtesy during today’s music show.

From the moment of our behavior to now, we were able to think more deeply and reflect on our carelessness and lack of courtesy.

We understand that many people have been affected or felt uncomfortable by our actions. We feel responsible for these aspects. We are very apologetic and thankful to those who pointed out our wrongs and gave us feedback on it.

We will reflect deeply on what happened during today’s music show, and we will work harder to show a sense of responsibility in not just our music but also everything we do.

We once again apologize to our seniors, MAMAMOO, and MooMoos. We also apologize once again for those who felt uncomfortable or offended by our actions today.

— T-Bird



Not long after their debut, TWICE got involved in a scandal when their foreign members appeared on an episode of My Little Television. The members were asked to hold up a flag of their nationality, and Tzuyu held up a Republic of China flag since she is from Taiwan.

Some netizens criticized Tzuyu for this, where they left malicious comments calling her a traitor to China and a Taiwanese independence activist. Tzuyu eventually had to release an apology due to all the backlash.



When CRAVITY announced their fandom name in 2020, it was met with quite a bit of controversy. The fandom name ended up being LUVITY, which was a combination of “LUV” and “CRAVITY”. This name was met with controversy since the fandom name of girl group Pink Fantasy is Luvit, and many felt that the two names were too similar.

Pink Fantasy