5 K-Pop Groups Whose Debut Got Canceled

It’s crazy to think about what would have happened if some of these groups debuted.

There have been many K-Pop groups who ran into problems with their debut, as many have had to delay them due to situations. There have also been plenty of K-Pop groups whose debut got canceled. Here’s a list of a few of these groups.

1. G-Dragon & Taeyang (BIGBANG)

Out of all the BIGBANG members, G-Dragon and Taeyang were trainees the longest. The two practically grew up together and were told that they would be debuting as a hip hop duo.

However, Yang Hyun Suk had a change of plans and told them that they would be debuting alongside other trainees and forming an idol boy group called BIGBANG. G-Dragon was furious at this idea, as his duo debut with Taeyang was canceled, and he even talked with the company, saying, “Why do I have to do it with them? I’ve been practicing with Taeyang for six years. What is this?”. However, G-Dragon eventually opened up to the BIGBANG members and built a relationship with them.

2. 6MIX

Before TWICE was formed, JYP Entertainment was originally going to debut a girl group called 6MIX, which consisted of a lot of the current members of TWICE. The members consisted of Jihyo (whose name was Jisoo at the time), CeciliaJeongyeonNayeonMinyoung/Charlene, and LenaSana ended up replacing Cecilia in the lineup once she left JYP Entertainment.

| @JYPGirlsTeam/Twitter

However, the group went through multiple line up changes, and their debut got delayed many times due to this. The company eventually scrapped the idea of 6MIX and decided to create a survival show called SIXTEEN, which is the program that created TWICE.


The debut of MIXNINE’s final group ended up getting canceled due to issues with the contracts.

Reports indicated that the respective agencies of the members turned down Yang Hyun Suk’s offer of a 3-year contract, where 6 months of the year they would promote as MIXNINE, and the other 6 months with their respective agencies. The agencies felt that the contract’s length was unreasonable, as the original length of time was supposed to be under a year. The agencies could never reach an agreement and decided that disbandment would be the best option.


BLACKPINK was originally supposed to be a 9 member group and was going to be called PINK PUNK.

However, a lot of the members ended up leaving the company for various reasons, and PINK PUNK ended up never debuting. Only 4 of the PINK PUNK members(JisooJennieRosé, and Lisa) ended up debuting under YG Entertainment.

5. Sparkling

Sparkling was a pre-debut girl group under Rurulala Entertainment. The group first revealed three of their members to the public, then posted an audition notice which was going to be used to help find additional members to the group. This was the last that was heard of Sparkling, as their social media accounts were all deleted, and there have been very few updates about the three revealed members.