5 K-Pop Idols With Diss Tracks Targeting Their Former Companies

Number 5 dissed essentially every K-Pop company.

K-Pop companies can be quite shady, as a lot of them are known to mistreat their idols. Idols usually don’t criticize their companies, as they fear potentially getting kicked out. Some idols have gone on to diss their companies once they left, such as these idols.

1. Jay Park

Jay Park was originally an idol under JYP Entertainment, where he was the leader of 2PM. He later was kicked out of the group due to some controversial comments he made about South Korea on his Myspace account.

Jay Park would later become the head of his own company, AOMG. In his song, “F*CKBOY”, Jay Park seemed to diss Park Jin Young, as he said, “My past teacher”.

There were also some lyrics about how Park Jin Young is taking advantage of fans, as well as not acting his age.


Here is the full diss track below.

2. Amber

Amber released her song “Get Over It”, and there were some moments when she seemed to target SM Entertainment. Some of the lyrics hinting how SM Entertainment treated her like a child and wanted her to obey their rules, just like a robot.

Other lyrics hinted on how Amber dealt with a lot of lies and pain when at SM Entertainment.

Here is the full song below.

3. Yongguk (Former member of B.A.P)

TS Entertainment‘s mistreatment of B.A.P is quite well known, as the group once filed a lawsuit against the company due to unfair treatment. Yongguk later released a diss track targeting the company. The lyrics focused on how TS Entertainment didn’t respect his efforts and how the company only cared about money.

Other lyrics focused on how Yongguk never wants to be as money-hungry as TS Entertainment and praises his fellow members for enduring the pain of being in the company.

Here is the full song below.

4. Tao (Former member of EXO)

Tao’s song “T.A.O” hinted at some of his true feelings regarding his time at SM Entertainment. His lyrics spoke on how he’s now free and wants to forget about the past, which hints at SM Entertainment’s strict guidelines regarding their idols.

Here is the full song below.

5. Zico

Zico’s song “Battle Royal” wasn’t a diss towards one specific company, but was a diss towards the K-Pop industry as a whole. He criticized how K-Pop companies push their idols too far and almost treat them as slaves.

Zico also dissed companies for wanting their idols to look a specific way.

Here is the full song below.