5 Male Idols Who Are Bringing Women’s Handbags Straight Into Men’s Fashion

If it looks good, it looks good.

The latest trend in the world of fashion includes breaking down gender barriers. This means stylish men and women are mixing and matching male and female items, working them into their outfits as they’d like. These 5 K-Pop male idols have also embraced this trend and are completely dominating the genderless look. Check out how these luxury brand women’s handbags look like they were actually meant for the idols!


1. BTS’s J-Hope

As common as it is for BTS to have a huge crowd at any of their airport departures / arrivals, J-Hope‘s December 2019 departure to Nagoya, Japan for MAMA received extra attention thanks to his Bottega Veneta bag. This padded cassette bag, though meant for women, made perfect sense with the rest of his chic black outfit. ARMYs fell in love with how the bag as a small detail turned this entire outfit to look like a billion dollars!


2. BTS’s V

BTS‘s V also sported the same Bottega Veneta cassette bag, but in a simpler non-padded design. In a drastic comparison to J-Hope’s outfit, V actually matched the light brown crossbody with casual denim. And he gave the entire look an effortless vibe — no one would have guessed that his bag came from BV women’s line up!


3. EXO’s Kai

EXO‘s Kai attended the “Gucci Zumi Night” event back in March 2019 — and befitting his “Human Gucci” nickname, Kai went dressed to impress. His outfit was topped off with a mustard-colored Gucci mini bag, designed for women. Paired with his plaid coat though, the bag looked like it was designed for Kai.


4. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

At Chanel’s 2020 Spring/Summer Haute Collection show in Paris, France, BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon showed everyone that he is the OG fashionista from the land of K-Pop. Not only did he rock a cute Chanel crossbody bag, he also pulled off a lilac-colored tweed jacket designed for women. Fans are thrilled to have G-Dragon back at it, changing fashion trends as he breathes.


5. GOT7’s BamBam

GOT7‘s BamBam is actually well known for the way he takes this Chanel bag everywhere with him. Before dropping his money on the pricey purchase, BamBam checked in with his mother to ask if she thought it was a good idea. Even when she said it might be too much, BamBam didn’t give up. He fought for the bag, then bought the bag to get the most out of the bag!

Source: THEQOO