5 Moments From The New “Suchwita” Teaser That Prove RM And Suga Are The Most Iconic BTS Duo

So this is what living together for over a decade looks like, huh?

BTS Suga‘s YouTube show Suchwita just released the teaser of its upcoming ninth episode. While these teasers have become sort of an inside joke among fans for the editors’ deliberately poor job of concealing the guests’ identities, ARMYs were truly surprised this time.

For the show’s latest episode, Suga will be appearing as a guest instead of the host to promote his solo album D-Day. He will be replaced by the BTS leader RM to conduct the interview.

| @BTS/YouTube

Though the teaser is only a minute long, the BTS duo is already so chaotic that fans can’t help but look forward to the entire thing. Here are five chaotic moments from the teaser that show the true dynamic of this duo:

1. RM waltzed into the set, celebrating Suga getting laid off from the job.

The man really came to Suga’s show, took his job, changed the show’s name, and did the celebratory dance while Suga watched from the sidelines. What an icon.

2. What a wholesome way to reflect on their longstanding relationship!

Every time Suga mentioned that he and RM have lived together for 13 years, it tugged at the heartstrings of fans. Turns out, the two themselves have a very different reaction to the fact. Kind of a married-couple behavior, if you will.

3. Breaking: 4th Gen idol fails to impress a BTS member.

Though the duo played along with the joke of Suga being a fourth-generation idol (since he made his official solo debut this year) when he tried to show off his “sorry for being cute” dance, RM could hardly hold back the bombastic side-eye.

4. What do you call it when two people finish each other’s sentences?

Here’s a hint: it starts with “s” and ends with “oulmates.”

5. Suga’s honest review of his own show’s rebranding.

As if walking into the set rapping about taking over his show wasn’t enough, RM directly asked Suga how he felt about the rebranded version, Rchwita. Suga, being the honest man he is, had the truth bomb ready.


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