5 Moments That Prove BTS’s V Is A Total INFP

V is the definition of an INFP!

BTS‘s V is a total INFP!

BTS’s V | BTS/Weverse

INFPs have tons of great qualities. They’re known for their creativity, empathy, ability to form deep relationships and friendships,  intense passion for their hobbies, and tendency to daydream.

Here are 5 moments that proved V is the definition of an INFP!

1. When he had a random burst of inspiration while filming Run BTS!

V is super artistic, and it doesn’t take much to spark his creativity! During the interior design episodes of Run BTS!, V suddenly decided to splash yellow paint on the wall to make the wall he was painting a little more visually interesting. His unique idea ended up being the perfect way to add an extra burst of color to the room. INFPs tend to have very unique ideas and they love thinking outside of the box, and this is definitely true of V!

2. When he went for an introspective canoe ride during In the SOOP

INFPs practically have a million thoughts per minute! People with this MBTI type sometimes need alone time to gather their thoughts and recharge. While filming the first season of In the SOOP, V went for a canoe ride alone while listening to a demo of “Blue & Grey.” The canoe ride definitely seemed to refresh and recharge him!

3. When he dedicated himself to learning the trumpet

As an INFP, V fully dedicates himself to his passions. While he could be content as a superstar idol and a former saxophone player, he decided to further his love of music by learning how to play the trumpet! While filming In the SOOP 2, V gave fans a glimpse into his trumpet lessons. During the lesson, it was abundantly clear how passionate he is about being the best musician he can be!

4. When he created his iconic character TATA

V was so creative during the members’ brainstorming session for their BT21 characters! He created his adorable character, TATA, as well as an entire backstory for the character. With V’s INFP imagination, he was able to create a character that ARMYs adore very quickly!

5. When he created the phrase “I purple you”

Not only are INFPs able to form deep relationships, but they’re also able to put their feelings into words in ways that nobody else can! V created the phrase “I purple you” to tell ARMYs that he will trust and love them for a long time. Since its creation, the phrase has taken on a life of its own, and ARMYs and BTS frequently use it to express their feelings. This phrase shows the huge impact V’s creativity has!



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