5 Moments That Proved Jihyo Truly Is The Best Leader of TWICE

She definitely wears the “angel leader” crown well!

While not the oldest member in TWICE (that title goes to Nayeon), Jihyo did have the longest training time out of all the members – which was one of the reasons she was appointed group leader.

However, beyond that, we don’t doubt that Jihyo’s sincerity and “angelic” qualities were also a factor in determining group leader.

Here are five moments where we just knew why Jihyo was the best leader of TWICE:

1) When Momo said Jihyo’s the glue that holds TWICE together.

2) When Jihyo humbly stated that she wanted to improve in being a leader.

3) When Sana revealed that Jihyo is always looking out of her members.

4) When we saw that Jihyo puts her members’ needs before her own.

5) When we heard firsthand that TWICE as precious to her because she considers their “family” dynamic more important than success.

Jihyo’s definitely had her ups and downs on her quest to debuting in TWICE, so the fact that she is so selfish is a testament to her grace and pure heart.