Here Are 5 Random Facts You Didn’t Know About “Hospital Playlist” Actor Jo Jung Suk

Doesn’t #5 make him 5X more UWU?

We know why you’re here. You’re hooked on the K-Drama Hospital Playlist and you’ve fallen madly in love with the kindhearted and family-oriented Dr. Lee Ik Joon. So you want to know more about the person behind the role. Well then, welcome to this blissful list. Here are 5 random facts you don’t have to — but definitely want to know about actor Jo Jung Suk. Beware though, these bits and pieces of information will only fuel your love for him. You won’t be able to un-charm yourself from this hunk of a man.

1. His Dream

Jo Jung Suk wanted to become a professional guitarist growing up. He loved playing classic guitar so much that he stayed behind two extra years after high school, trying to pass the college entrance exam with scores that would get him into the music school of his dreams. It was the pastor at his church who saw his potential as an actor. Soon after, convinced by the pastor’s recommendation, Jo Jung Suk traded in his dream of pursuing a musical career for an acting one. He went on to study theater at the prestigious Seoul Institute of the Arts and debuted in 2004 with a musical. In his current hit K-Drama Hospital Playlist, he boasts his guitar skills in all the “band” scenes.

2. His Past

Jo Jung Suk never enlisted to complete his military duty — because he didn’t meet eligibility. After his father passed away, his family became financially unstable. And as the only son available and responsible for taking care of his mother, he was deemed unfit to serve in the army.

3. His Flaw

Caption: “It may be hard to believe… but this is Jo Jung Suk indeed.”

Jo Jung Suk used to be incredibly nearsighted — that the lenses for his correctional glasses made his eyes look different. When he appeared in Youth Over Flowers in these glasses, he immediately became nicknamed kkeobungie (roughly translated to dorky). It was after his hit K-Drama series Don’t Dare to Dream that he received the LASIK surgery to get rid of his not-so-dorky glasses forever.

4. His Sibling

In a previous episode of Knowing Bros, Jo Jung Suk revealed that he has always been terrified of his oldest brother who used to be a professional boxer. Once, when the high school senior Jo Jung Suk spent the whole night out with his friends and came home the next morning, he was greeted by his boxer brother. According to Jo Jung Suk’s memory of the day, the hyung followed him into his room, sat him down, and said exactly this: “Do you know why I’m not beating you up right now? It’s because I don’t want to kill you. So you better behave yourself.” Jo Jung Suk playfully added that he never, ever dared to cause trouble again.

5. His Quirk

Jo Jung Suk with actress Park Bo Young in “Oh My Ghost”

Jo Jung Suk has a cute little quirk that cannot be hidden — and it has to do with his ears! His long-time fans noticed that his ears burn up in tomato red color when he shoots intimate scenes with his female co-stars. In all of his rom-com series featuring kiss scenes, like Oh My Ghost with actress Park Bo Young and Don’t Dare to Dream with actress Gong Hyo Jin, Jo Jung Suk’s ears can be spotted on fire.

Source: NamuWiki