5 Reasons Why ARMYs Are Crazy About BTS’s Jimin, In Celebration Of His Birthday

Happy birthday, Jimin ❤️

BTS‘s adorable member Jimin is celebrating his 25th birthday today, so what better time to appreciate him than today? Here are 5 of the countless reasons why we love Jimin and are grateful for his life!

1. He is extremely talented

Jimin is looked up to by idols and fans alike because of his incredible singing and dancing skills. Every performance of his is so spellbinding that we have a hard time looking away from him!

2. He has the most beautiful smile

Jimin’s eye smile is so beautiful that it’s enough to heal hearts and make the world go round. Honestly, we could look at it all day.

3. He takes care of his members

If one thing is for certain, it’s that Jimin loves his BTS members to the moon and back. He doesn’t hesitate to embrace them and make them feel cherished.

4. He has a kind and generous heart

Jimin isn’t one to keep his blessings to himself. In fact, he’s the complete opposite. He often donates to various organizations and causes quietly, not wanting his generosity to become a publicity stunt.

5. He showers ARMYs with love

Finally, ARMYs love him because he never fails to show them how much he appreciates them. One thing he always does is thank them for their endless support, recognizing that he’s where he is today because of them.

Happy birthday, Jimin! Thank you for making our days brighter!