3 Times BTS’s Jimin Donated To Education For Students

He is truly a donation angel.

BTS’s Jimin is well-known for his generous donations to charities and students and has become a positive influence to his fans as well. What’s even greater is that he has done most of these donations quietly, only to be brought to the surface through the gratitude of those who received them. Here’s a list of some places he has donated to recently.

1. Personal donation to his elementary school

In 2018, Jimin made a personal donation to his school, Hoedong Elementary School and paid for the school uniform costs for every student that graduated before the closing of the school. It was later revealed that he had made the same donation a year before as well.

2. Donation to Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education

In April of 2019, it was reported that he had donated around $88,000 USD to the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education with around $26,000 USD going to his old high school.

3. Donation to Busan Arts High School

Most recently on February 9, 2020, it was reported that Jimin had changed all the desks at his old high school Busan Arts High School for all 1,200 students.

Jimin’s generous deeds have proven to be a positive influence as many of his fans have also begun to donate to help those in need. Last year, his fans voluntarily donated blood to celebrate Jimin’s birthday and were able to contribute to saving lives.

Jimin truly is a giving angel as he continues to give back regardless of how much success he has achieved.

Source: sports donga