5 Reasons Why BTS’s RM Is A Total ENFP

RM is the definition of an ENFP!

BTS‘s RM is a total ENFP!

BTS’s RM | @rkive/Instagram

ENFPs (also known as Campaigners) are free spirits, and they’re open-minded and outgoing. Although their vibrant personalities make them stand out, ENFPs are incredibly deep. They’re very introspective and creative, and they love forming meaningful emotional connections with other people.

Here are 5 reasons RM is a total ENFP!

1. He’s incredibly creative

RM is so creative! He’s written tons of songs throughout his career so far, and he never fails to find unique ways to put his feelings into words. His songs often feature great wordplay and metaphors that make people think in new ways. ENFPs are known for being very creative, and RM’s lyrics are definitely proof of how creative he is!

2. He spends time alone to gather his thoughts

Namjoon has found the perfect way to gather his thoughts through the art of Namjooning! He often visits museums, goes for bike rides, or spends time out in nature alone. By spending time alone, RM is able to come up with great ideas and think about the world in new and interesting ways. For example, he was inspired to write “Spring Day” after watching leaves falling off a tree. Clearly, Namjooning pays off!

3. He’s a great communicator

ENFPs are great at expressing their thoughts and feelings to other people, and they excel at making others feel heard, too. As BTS’s leader, RM does a great job of taking the other members’ thoughts into consideration before making decisions for the group. He’s also great at giving speeches and communicating with large groups of people, like when he spoke at the United Nations General Assembly.

4. He treats everyone with kindness

ENFPs believe that everyone is important. RM is super kind and considerate, and he’s great at making everyone feel special. His kindness really shows through his interactions with the members. He treats every member exceptionally well and makes them all feel heard and appreciated!

5. He’s lighthearted

Although ENFPs have quite a few serious qualities and are very introspective, they know how to let loose and have fun! RM always has a great time on stage while performing and while hanging out with the members. He’s especially funny during variety shows like Run BTS! 

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