5 Reasons Why You Should Be Stanning ITZY’s Chaeryeong Right Now

You can’t resist her unique charms.

Looking for a new girl group idol to add to your stan list? Here’s why you need to check out ITZY’s Chaeryeong.

1. She’s an incredible dancer

If there’s one reason why you should love Chaeryeong, it’s her amazing talent as a dancer.

Alongside Yeji, Chaeryeong one of ITZY’s two main dancers—and you can tell how she earned that position when you watch her perform. Many people have praised her clean execution, graceful moves, and great body control.

2. Her girl group obsession is so relatable

If you thought you were a huge girl group stan, just take a look at Chaeryeong.

7 Times ITZY’s Chaeryeong Was An Even Bigger Girl Group Stan Than You

She once revealed that Girls’ Generation was her first love. Later, she told fans that she almost cried after meeting Yoona.

Chaeryeong has expressed her love for many other groups too, including TWICE, Red Velvet, Apink, and Oh My Girl.

Yeji once praised her for knowing the choreography to almost every girl group song.

3. She’s just the cutest

And who can deny how adorable she is?

When you see Chaeryeong’s precious smile, it’s impossible not to smile back.

Plus, she has beautiful round eyes and very cute ears to match.

4. She’s a budding songwriter

If you love self-producing idols, you’ll love Chaeryeong. In the past, she’s mentioned that she likes to compose music.

On January 1 this year, she also put “learning to write lyrics” on her 2020 wishlist.

5. Her perseverance is an inspiration

If you stan Chaeryeong, she’s sure to be a constant source of inspiration when life gets tough. In particular, her perseverance is something to look up to.

Chaeryeong was a contestant on two singing shows—including SIXTEEN, the JYP Entertainment show that formed TWICE. Despite not winning either of them, she never gave up her dream. And, after five hard years of training, she finally got the chance to debut in ITZY last year.