5 Reasons To Start Watching The New Racy K-Drama “The World of the Married”

Once you start, you won’t be able to stop.

The drama in K-Drama reeeeeeeally peaks in JTBC‘s raciest new series, The World of the Married — based on the BBC original Doctor Foster. That alone should intrigue you to start binging this steamy show, featuring a seasoned cast of actress Kim Hee Ae and actor Park Hae Joon. But in case you’re not completely sold on it yet, here are 5 more reasons to start watching The World of the Married.

1. The Plot

The World of the Married shares the rollercoaster of a story on how Dr. Ji Sun Woo (played by Kim Hee Ae) learns about and deals with her husband’s affair with a younger woman. This show wastes no time on “dragging the mystery out”. Instead, it reveals everything in the first episode — and that gets the viewers hooked. Once you sit through the first episode, you won’t be able to turn down the rest.

2. The Acting

You won’t be able to help yourself aching for Dr. Ji Sun Woo. You’ll be brokenhearted with her. You’ll grow spiteful with her. You’ll start to relate on an uncontrollable level — even if you’ve never been married or in such a toxic a relationship. Why? Actress Kim Hee Ae’s acting is literally on fire through every single episode. Her attention to detail in portraying even the subtlest emotions will make you so.

3. The Visuals

What more needs to be said? Actress Kim Hee Ae boasts an undying beauty on the screen. The “mistress” role’s actress Han So Hee brings unprecedented gorgeousness to the set. Even the supporting roles, featuring familiar faces like actor Kim Young Min‘s, are too good-looking to be true as well! All these eye-catching visuals add to the overall classy and luxurious mise-en-scène of the show.

4. The Scandalousness

Let us point out the first 6 episodes of The World of the Married got rated R for mature content — with a possibility of more episodes down the line also getting rated R. What does this mean? Well… It means this is one of the steamiest K-Dramas viewers have seen on TV in a while. It is sexy. It is racy. It is steamy. It is unlike anything you’ve seen before!

5. The Catharsis

Finally, Dr. Ji Sun Woo is nothing like the average “wife in distress” characters K-Drama lovers have seen in other love affair themed shows. She’s hurt, but she’s strong. She’s in pain, but she’s in motion. As soon as she finds out about her husband’s monkey business, she starts plotting on “turning his life in to living hell”. Watching Dr. Ji Sun Woo get her revenge promises that one grand cathartic ending that you’ve been waiting for.