5 Reasons To Start Watching The New Romantic K-Drama “Find Me In Your Memory”

Sold! (Off to binge) 📺

MBC‘s Find Me In Your Memory is taking K-Drama lovers on a wild rollercoaster ride, with each episode packed with incredible chemistry. Featuring the most scandalous love story between a trusted news reporter Lee Jung Hoon (played by actor Kim Dong Wook) and a beloved-but-out-of-control actress Yeo Ha Jin (played by actress Moon Ga Young), the show Find Me In Your Memory has viewers hooked on how this relationship will grow. If you’re looking for a show to binge this Quarantine 2020, check out these 5 reasons to choose Find Me In Your Memory.

1. The Male Lead

Actor Kim Dong Wook is, for one, dashing AF. We know though, “watching a dapper man on screen” isn’t strong enough of a reason to binge an entire show. (Or is it? We’ll let you decide.) To really sell you on it, let us point out — Kim Dong Wook is an incredible actor whose solid filmography of successful movies and dramas proves his skills.

2. The Female Lead

Again, we know “pretty faces” can’t be the only reason you start watching a show — but it simply wouldn’t be fair to actress Moon Ga Young if we didn’t talk about how breathtakingly gorgeous she is. Plus, Moon Ga Young’s 10+ years of acting experience has really helped her bring the cheeky-and-adorable character Yeo Ha Jin to life.

3. The Setting

For one, we can’t get enough of the concept behind the love story. A dating scandal between a nationally renowned news reporter and a superstar actress? That’s already juicy. But Find Me In Your Memory throws in some intriguing settings in the mix. The male lead character Lee Jung Hoon has hyperthymesia, a “condition in which an individual possesses a superior autobiographical memory”. He remembers everything that happened, even the most painful details of losing the love of his life. As to, the female lead character Yeo Ha Jin has forcefully deleted some memories from her life, especially the ones related to the death of her best friend. (Gasp!) Will these two be able to overcome the memories of their past and pursue this new romance in life…? You’ll have to watch to find out.

4. The Aesthetics

Those who have already begun watching Find Me In Your Memory can’t stop talking about how they have become completely captivated by the mise-en-scène of this drama. The producers really know how to work the lighting to convey the characters’ emotions changing in the scene. For example, viewers can’t get enough of how Lee Jung Hoon is often under blue lighting, but Yeo Ha Jin is constantly under yellow. And whenever Yeo Ha Jin makes an impact on Lee Jung Hoon’s life, the blue gradually fades to yellow. And boy, are we all about this aesthetic.

5. The Sparks

Most importantly, Find Me In Your Memory will keep you smiling through the stressful times that is Quarantine 2020 because it has sparks flying everywhere, in every frame of every episode. Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young as Lee Jung Hoon and Yeo Ha Jin boast an unprecedented chemistry — and there is nothing more satisfying than watching two beautiful people fall in love in front of our eyes.