Here Are 5 Of The Most Ridiculous Things Netizens Have Criticized The TWICE Members For

Netizens were too quick to judge on #4.

Netizens are quite harsh on K-Pop idols, as it seems that idols get criticized for some of the most ridiculous reasons. TWICE is a group that has been attacked by malicious netizens many times, and most of the reasons why are a bit bizarre. Here’s a list of some of the most ridiculous things netizens have criticized the TWICE members for.

1. For dating

When it was announced that Jihyo was in a relationship with Kang Daniel, many fans and netizens were supportive of them.

However, some netizens criticized them for their relationship. Some netizens even left negative comments about Jihyo, criticizing her visuals.

2. For speaking Japanese

TWICE‘s Japanese members, MinaSana, and Momo, once held a live broadcast and decided to speak Japanese amongst each other for a short time.

Some Korean netizens criticized them for this, as they felt that it was “inconsiderate” of them to speak a language that a lot of fans didn’t understand. Some even claimed that since they were K-Pop idols, they should be speaking Korean.

3. For showing their bare faces

| @official.twice/Instagram

Before TWICE had debuted, there were some photos online showing the members’ faces without makeup. Some netizens decided to mock the members for this, as they thought that they were “unattractive”.

4. For making a donation

When it was reported that Tzuyu had donated 50 million KRW (~42,000 USD) to help Korea with the coronavirus (COVID-19), she gained a lot of praise from Korean netizens. However, some Chinese netizens decided to criticize her for not donating to China as well.

It was later revealed that Tzuyu had donated the same amount of money to China, but the money transfer was just taking a little longer.

5. For ranking

Nayeon once got wrongfully criticized by netizens when she gave a ranking during a concert, where she ranked herself first and Jeongyeon last.

Some netizens criticized Nayeon, as they believed that she was ranking the members based on the merchandise sales of blankets that the members personally designed.

However, it was revealed that Nayeon was just ranking the members based on her personal preference for each member’s design. She even did the ranking before the blankets went on sale, so there was no way it was based on sales.