These 5 Rising Rookie Hoobaes Look Up To BTS’s V As Their Role Model

Looks like V is the idol of all idols!

BTS‘s V has come a long way in K-Pop, from his debut in 2013 to the superstardom he earned himself now. His talent, boosted up by his diligence, has inspired many hoobae idols  also trying to reach their career peaks. That is to say, V is often mentioned by other boy group members for being their “role model”. Here are some of the rising rookies who have said they look up to V.


1. Park Jihoon

BTS’s V? I really look up to him. I like using different facial expressions on stage and V sunbae-nim is really good at using his face.

— Park Jihoon


2. THE BOYZ’s Younghoon

I really like BTS — especially V sunbae-nim. I don’t think I’ll be able to say anything to him if I meet him in real life, I’d be too nervous… I could’t keep my eyes off of him. He is so good at using his facial expressions and acting. I fell in love with him.

— Younghoon


3. ATEEZ’s Yeosang

Who do I look up to? I really want to be like BTS’s V sunbae-nim… His gestures, facial expressions, and pure talent on stage are absolutely the best. I really want to take after those aspects.

— Yeosang


4. TXT’s Beomgyu

I am most influenced by BTS’s V sunbae-nim. He shared tons of great advice for me when I was a trainee. I still remember how much he emphasized the importance of practicing.

— Beomgyu


5. GOLDEN CHILD’s Jaehyun

I look up to BTS’s V sunbae-nim, for his style. Whenever I see his airport pictures, he is dressed so well — like a stylist dressed him. I always end up saving his pictures thinking I want to reference them when I’m picking my outfits.

— Jaehyun

Source: THEQOO and Twitter