Here Are The Strongest K-Pop Girl Group Leaders, Ranked According To Fans

The real queens, everyone.

The world of K-Pop has seen countless idol groups and leaders — yet some of them have become more memorable than others, thanks to their distinguishable leadership skills. These five idols have led their teammates to success and rightfully earned their spots on this list of top 5 strongest K-Pop girl group leaders, as ranked by K-Pop fans themselves.


5. (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon

She’s still a rookie but the girls always thanked her leadership and hard work in award show speeches and you can tell despite being part of the maknae line even her elder members look up to her as a beacon of dedication and effort.

— Reddit @ryuudenki

(G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon is, exactly like her tough girl exterior, one strong AF and charismatic female whose leadership has fueled her group’s massive growth in 2019, from being rookies to rising stars. Especially with Soyeon’s dedication to promoting the group via their appearance on Queendom, (G)I-DLE and fans are looking forward to a successful new decade.


4. Red Velvet’s Irene

Irene, in Wendy’s words, is the greatest woman of this generation. She is the silent source of strength for Red Velvet – you don’t see her flex her power often on camera but you could see how much the members respect and look up to her.

— Reddit @abricde

Red Velvet‘s Irene has remained unshaken, despite the hardships the group has faced in the recent times — including Wendy‘s injury. As the leader and also the oldest member of the group though, Irene knows how to keep her cool no matter what. This composed “togetherness” has continued to serve as the most reliable source of support for the members and for the fans as well.


3. TWICE’s Jihyo

The members have said in the past that she is the glue that holds the group together, and they obviously respect her for the job she does. Twice is very lucky to have such a good leader.

— Reddit @NudePenguin69

TWICE‘s Jihyo comes with the longest training time out of all the members – which was one of the reasons she was appointed group leader. With that said, Jihyo understands how much patience is needed in the K-Pop world and how well diligence is paid off too. With that wisdom, Jihyo leads her teammates through constant improvements.


2. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

You definitely need to applaud Taeyeon for being the leader of a group with six other girls who are the same age as her, some of who trained more years than her. It’s chaotic enough to lead a nine member group but to suddenly go from a peer to a leadership position is rough.

— Reddit @lighttaeng

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon has, since their debut in 2007 during the peak of second generation K-Pop, remained absolutely devoted to the team. Even now, as all of the members have moved on to chasing their personal goals like going solo, going global, or acting, Taeyeon remains the heart — the glue — for them all.


1. Apink’s Chorong

All of Apink trusted Chorong and re-signed with their agency.

— Reddit @atmylevel

Speaking of glues, Apink‘s Chorong offers what is K-Pop’s favorite glue story. Bomi once explained on TV that Chorong asked the members to trust and follow her decision to stay with their current agecy. And as Chorong was a crucial person in all the members’ lives, they didn’t hesitate a single second to renew. When her single statement made five other people sign their contracts, it became pretty evident that she is the strongest leader of them all.

Source: Reddit