5 Things You May Have Missed In LOONA’s Comeback Teaser (And The Theories That Explain Them)

As always, this teaser is packed with hints and references.

It’s been less than a day since LOONA announced their October comeback with mini album [12:00], but in true Orbit fashion, fans have already been analyzing the teaser for hints, clues, and “LOONAverse” references. Struggling to stay up to speed? Here are five things you may have missed in the [12:00] teaser, along with the theories behind them.

1. The audio clip

One of the most interesting parts of LOONA’s comeback teaser is the audio clip that plays over the instrumental. Listen closely from the beginning, and you’ll hear a man say, “Discovery, Houston. We’re still lookin’ at it”.

| loonatheworld/YouTube

This audio clip is actually a soundbite from NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery program. While the Discovery may not be the world’s most famous spacecraft, it has some interesting connections to LOONA.

Space Shuttle Discovery | NASA

Discovery, Houston. We’re still lookin’ at it… One, two, three, four, five. Five, four, three, two, one… This is Houston comm tech with the test: one, two, three, four…

— LOONA teaser soundbite, from the NASA audio library

The Space Shuttle Discovery’s first mission was the 12th flight of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program, originally designated STS-12. The mission’s insignia also featured 12 stars scattered across the sky. All of this ties in to LOONA’s full lineup having 12 members, though Haseul will not be present for the group’s comeback.

41-D Space Shuttle Discovery flight mission insignia | NASA

2. The missing slash

In LOONA teasers, the group’s name is usually stylized as “LOOΠΔ/”, with the ending slash colored in a contrasting pink-red hue.

| loonatheworld/YouTube

However, in the teaser for [12:00], the slash disappears to black over the course of the logo animation.

| loonatheworld/YouTube

Fans have already come up with numerous theories on what the missing slash could signify. Some believe that it relates one of the group’s subunits, LOONA 1/3. When the slash in the name is removed, “1/3” becomes “13”. Fans think this could relate to another space flight—Apollo 13—signifying an astronomical concept.

LOONA 1/3 | BlockBerry Creative

Others believe the missing slash is all about Yeojin. The maknae is a member of LOONA 1/3, but since she was unable to participate in the unit’s promotions, she was represented by the slash symbol in the name. According to many Orbits, the disappearance of the slash could mean Yeojin is no longer “lost” in the lore of the LOONAverse, making her a full-fledged member of LOONA 1/3.

Yeojin | Genie

3. The date

[12:00] and its respective title track are set to release on October 19, 2020—but that date is significant for another reason. It’s also the birthday of LOONA’s “founding” member, Heejin.

Heejin | Genie

Heejin was the first LOONA member revealed as part of the group’s pre-debut project, releasing her solo title track “ViViD” in October 2016.

“ViViD” by LOONA’s Heejin | loonatheworld/YouTube

Given that Heejin will turn 20 on the day [12:00] releases, many fans are wondering whether the date has a hidden meaning. One popular theory is that the focus on Heejin indicates a return or rewind to the beginning of the LOONAverse timeline, starting everything afresh.

“FavOrite” by LOONA | loonatheworld/YouTube

Astronomy-inclined fans may also notice that the date, which can be written as 10/19, links to the speed the moon moves at: 1,019 meters per second.

4. The colors

Each LOONA member has a representative color, and the logo animation in their new teaser cycles through all of them. However, eagle-eyed fans noted that the colors aren’t shown in chronological order (by member debut date) as one would expect.

| loonatheworld/YouTube

Instead, they show in reverse order—from silver to bright pink. Silver is the color of Olivia Hye, the last member revealed, while bright pink is Heejin’s color. According to many fans, the reversal of the color order supports the theory that [12:00] represents a rewind.

| loonatheworld/YouTube

5. The countries

LOONA’s teaser begins with a clock set to 11:59PM in Seoul, South Korea. The video then cycles through clips of eleven other cities, along with their “current” times relative to 11:59PM Korean Standard Time.

| loonatheworld/YouTube

Just like the LOONA members all have representative colors, the members of LOONA 1/3 also have representative countries—and these countries can all be seen in the teaser. France is Heejin’s country, Japan is Hyunjin’s country, Iceland is Haseul’s country, Taiwan is Yeojin’s country, and Vivi represents Hong Kong.

| loonatheworld/YouTube

And those aren’t the only country-related links to LOONA 1/3 in the teaser. “Love & Live” was shot in Auckland, New Zealand, while “Sonatine” was shot in Prague, Czech Republic. Both of these locations appear in the teaser clips. As such, it seems like this comeback will center around LOONA 1/3.

Prague, Czech Republic | BlockBerry Creative

Of course, some of the other members and units are represented in the teaser, too. Another of the cities in the teaser is Budapest, Hungary, which also happens to be the shooting location for LOONA yyxy’s debut release. Los Angeles, U.S.A, meanwhile, is where LOONA Odd Eye Circle’s “Girl Front” was filmed.

Los Angeles, U.S.A | loonatheworld/YouTube