5 Times ARMYs Saw Things In BTS Photos And Videos That Will Give You Goosebumps

Number 4 caught the attention of many people.

ARMYs (BTS‘s fandom) are extremely attentive, as they are seemingly always able to find the smallest details in BTS photos and videos. Here are 5 times ARMYs saw things in BTS photos and videos that will give you goosebumps.

1. When they spotted a shirtless Jungkook

Back in 2014, Jin shared the recipe for his special pork stir-fry dish. However, a bowl in one of Jin’s photos caught the attention of ARMYs.

| btsblog.ibighit

ARMYs ended up spotting a shirtless Jungkook in the reflection of the bowl!

2. Spotting J-Hope’s wallpapers

On Twitter, J-Hope posted a video of himself listening to Suga‘s mixtape, and something that caught the attention of ARMYs was the woman on his computer wallpaper.

Not only that, but in another video, ARMYs noticed that J-Hope had the same wallpaper on his laptop.

ARMYs were soon able to figure out that the person on J-Hope’s wallpapers is the singer and songwriter Tinashe!

3. Spotting RM’s photographer

When RM went to visit Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrors, he shared quite the magical photo with ARMYs.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

However, RM wasn’t the only person ARMYs spotted, as they also found RM’s photographer!

4. Finding a condom in the background of Jin’s photo

When Jin uploaded this photo of himself enjoying a meal, he didn’t know that it would catch the attention of many people.

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The reason this photo was so popular was that an ARMY spotted a condom in the background of the photo!

5. When they spotted a photo of Jungkook at the desk of an Ellen DeGeneres Show employee

When David Letterman and Ellen DeGeneres paid a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show offices, one employee’s desk caught the attention of many ARMYs. The reason is that this employee had a photograph of a shirtless Jungkook above their desk!

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