5 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Her Manager Were Friendship Goals

With her sparkling, vibrant personality Lisa could get along with just about anyone!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is the cutest. She is so loved that even when she makes small mistakes, fans can’t help but root her on. She also has a way of touching fans’ hearts with her sweet friendship interactions.

So, it goes without saying that even her friendship with her manager oppa is absolutely adorable. Here are 5 times Lisa and her manager were friendship goals.


Source: Liyon Shi/YouTube


Source: Liyon Shi/YouTube


Source: Liyon Shi/YouTube


Source: Liyon Shi/YouTube


Source: Liyon Shi/YouTube

Lisa has such a friendly, vibrant personality that she could certainly get along with anyone, but seeing how comfortable she is around her manager is definitely heartwarming and total friendship goals.

Do you have any favorite moments between BLACKPINK’s Lisa and her manager? If yes, what was it?