5 Times BTS’s Favorite Things Ended Up Proving They’re Definitely 90s Babies

Their childhood memories are no different.

BTS members, now living their lives as global superstars, may not seem ordinary at all. But take one closer look and you’ll see — the truth is, their childhood memories are no different than those of other Koreans in their 20-30s. Here are 5 times BTS revealed their favorite things, like hobbies, games, and animations, which ended up screaming they’re the most average 90s babies too!


1. Serious Kartriders

“Crazyracing Kartrider” is a Korean game that was released in 2004. This online multiplayer sensation drove the 90s babies crazy, with cute characters and easy-to-play controls.


2. That Naruto Run

Likewise for many boys who spent their boyhood in the 90s, BTS’s love for Naruto is real. Here’s to BTS rocking out to Naruto’s theme song and re-creating their best ninja run.


3. Pokémon Picks

Nothing can get a 90s kid nearly as excited as Pokémon can. So BTS naturally released their inner cartoon-loving kids in the legendary Noisey interview, while talking about Dragonite, or as they called it, mangnanyong.


4. T-ara Jams

K-Pop for the 90s babies means T-ara‘s super catchy retro beats. In their Bon Voyage Season 4 preview clip, BTS can be seen fanboying to T-ara’s “TTL” and “Women’s Generation” — the type of bops they probably grew up listening to.


5. Maple Story Master

BTS Jin’s Love For MapleStory Is Still Going Strong

And finally, if none of the above left you convinced, then Jin’s undying obsession over the old school 2003-made MMORPG of Maple Story should most definitely give it away! 90s kids sacrificed so much of their pocket money for Maple Story cash items… Jin was absolutely one of those kids.

Source: THEQOO