BTS Jin’s Love For MapleStory Is Still Going Strong

Jin expressed his love for this game, once again.

In his spare time, BTS‘s Jin loves to play games, and one of his favorites is the MMORG MapleStory. 


While on vacation, Jin played MapleStory for hours on end. In fact, he played it (and other games) so much that his diet plans were ruined!

I mean, I’m not trying to lose any weight. I’m trying to put on extra pounds and keep them. But when I’m playing, I can’t eat and the food turns cold so… I guess games are bad for me.

— Jin


Jin also used a monetary gift from his aunt to splurge on in-game items for MapleStory. 

It’s safe in my account. I’m going to save it until I need it to buy things when I play MapleStory.

— Jin


Recently, Jin added a new chapter to his neverending MapleStory saga. On Weverse, a fan shared a photo of a MapleStory banner that congratulates a medical school student for being the first Seoul University student to win over the MapleStory boss, Black Mage.

Seokjinnie let’s work even harder~~

— Fan


In reply, Jin expressed his love for the Black Mage. “Please bring the Black Mage back, Nexon-nim [MapleStory’s company] I want to see more of the Black Mage’s story.”


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