BTS’s Jin Reacts To Mattel’s New Prestige Line Of BTS Dolls

Jin had this to say about BTS’s doll versions.

What does BTS think about their new plastic counterparts?



Some fans are dying to get the members’ opinions on Mattel‘s “prestige” line of BTS dolls. These new dolls are styled after BTS’s Love Yourself: Answer outfits.


This is Mattel’s second series of 11″ BTS dolls. Like the first series (styled after “IDOL”) these dolls are receiving mixed reactions from fans. Many fans love the detailed clothes but find the dolls’ faces difficult to recognize.


One fan posted a photo of the dolls on Weverse, with the caption, “Hel..? lo.. oppas…….. ??????????”



Much to ARMY‘s delight, Jin left a comment: “have to reflect, really”. It’s uncertain who Jin thinks should be reflecting — himself or the dolls? Either way, fans are loving it!


Find out more about the dolls here:

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