5 Times The BTS Members Made Heartbreaking Confessions

“I almost failed to join the team because I wasn’t a good dancer.”

While BTS is currently enjoying massive success, their journey getting to this point wasn’t an easy one, as the members had to deal with a lot of adversity. Throughout the years, the BTS members have made some confessions that had fans in tears. Here are a few of these moments.

1. Suga speaking about his struggle with his weight and appearance

Before BTS’s debut, Suga struggled a lot with his weight and appearance. During a radio interview in 2014, he shared that he exercised extremely hard due to his large body.

In the past, my body was quite large. People may not believe it but I had a really big frame so I worked really hard at exercising.

— Suga

However, when Suga hurt his shoulder, doctors told him that he should stop exercising, so Suga ended up finding other ways to lose weight.

After I hurt my shoulder, I went to the hospital and they told me not to exercise. I worked hard to stay worn out and tired.

— Suga

2. BTS revealing that they almost disbanded in 2018

When BTS won “Artist of the Year” at the 2018 MAMA, they gave an emotional acceptance speech. During the speech, Jin shockingly revealed that BTS considered disbanding because of all the hardships they were enduring.

We had a hard time mentally during the beginning of this year. While talking with each other, we even thought about disbanding.

— Jin

After Jin revealed this, not only were fans heartbroken, but the members also were seen getting emotional.

Thankfully, the members were able to regather their hearts and continue as a group.

I’m thankful towards my members who decided to continue… I want to thank my members who always love me and to say thank you to ARMY for always loving us. Thank you.

— Jin

3. V speaking about being BTS’s hidden member

Before their debut, BTS would constantly upload vlogs to talk with their fans. However, V was the only member not seen in these vlogs. That’s because he was used as BTS’s “secret weapon“, a hidden member who would be revealed at a much later time than the other 6 members. V was quite saddened by this, as he wasn’t able to interact with the other members during broadcasts.

When all of the members were shooting for their own logs, I was the only one who couldn’t, so I was very sad.

— V

V was also saddened by the fact that he wasn’t able to upload anything for fans to see, as his identity had to be a mystery.

When the hyungs were shooting their logs in the studio, I would follow them and shoot my own but I couldn’t upload it.

Shooting alone, I would say, ‘Today is this day of this month in 2013. I did this. This probably won’t get released, right? I’m sad.’

— V

4. Jimin revealing that he almost didn’t debut

While it might be hard to believe, Jimin almost didn’t debut in BTS due to his dancing skills.

I almost failed to join the team because I wasn’t a good dancer.

— Jimin

Jimin is now known as one of the best dancers in the group, but when he first became a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment, he struggled to adjust to the dance style K-Pop groups go for.

I majored in contemporary dance. Since the style of dancing was totally different than the choreography of an idol group, it became a difficult challenge for me.

— Jimin

However, Jimin eventually was able to adjust to the dancing style, and was able to debut in BTS!

5. Jungkook crying thinking about his hyungs

During an episode of Star Show 360, RM spoke on the first time he had seen Jungkook cry, and it ended up happening for a simple reason. In the past, the BTS members had a meeting with Bang Si Hyuk, the head of Big Hit Entertainment, to talk about any hardships they might have been dealing with. During the meeting, Jungkook started crying after he told his members, “Seeing you guys go through hard times is my only hardship”.

Jungkook then explained that it was tough seeing the other members struggle mentally and not being able to help them.