5 Times BTS’s RM Said “Not Today” To Answering Sensitive Interview Questions

Dodging left, dodging right.

BTS, as the global superstars they have come to be, are constantly being interviewed by media from all over the place. Thus, the members do face some questions that are tricky to answer. Fortunately, BTS have their reliable and trustworthy leader RM who has mastered the art of dodging the press. Here are 5 times RM said no to what ARMYs could perceive as sensitive interview questions.


1. About ARMYs

Back in 2017, Access Hollywood asked BTS about their “intensely loyal fans” and tried to squeeze gossip out of the members by asking, “How do you deal with the girls?” At first, the members responded lightheartedly. When the interviewer kept digging at if the fans ever got aggressive and ended up hurting the members though, RM stepped in to cut off the conversation by shedding light on himself instead — and his “God of Destruction” title. He commented that it is never the fans who hurt him but only himself, leading the interview to move on from the topic of their fans.


2. About Haters

At the most recent 2020 Grammys, ET was successful at grabbing BTS for a couple minutes of genuine talk. When the interviewer asked the members how they deal with haters online, RM didn’t make a big deal out of it. Instead, he shared these wisest words: “If there is light, there is always a shadow.” Rather than diving too deep into negativity, RM kept his response easy and simple. According to him, the haters have nothing on BTS and ARMYs because the power of purple is greater than all.


3. About Music

At the 2019 Grammys, Billboard tried to grasp whatever spoilers they can on the new album (at the time). When the interviewer boldly asked RM to reveal whether it would be part of a trilogy, RM turned it down with a classic dodging skill: A Hard Pass. He immediately calls it “a secret” and low key roasts the interviewer for thinking it would be that easy!


4. About NYC

Also in 2019, while gracing New York for their Saturday Night Live appearance, BTS also stopped by the Elvis Duran Show on radio. When the host Elvis Duran referred to New York City as dirty and stinky, RM was not played into agreeing. He praised the city instead, as where the music started and as one of the best cities BTS have wanted to visit. When the host insisted that the city has a certain smell, RM playfully stated he wouldn’t know because he is only a visitor.


5. About Love

In 2018, BTS sat with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans who tried his best to get BTS to spill about their dating lives. RM’s humorous response in his most serious deep voice — “We want to focus on our careers” — had the interviewer and ARMYs cackling. Realizing RM is pretty much impenetrable when it comes to these personal questions, Scott Evans said he’ll “take” the answer.

Source: THEQOO and Twitter