5 Times BTS’s V Looked At His Members With Disgust…And Didn’t Even Try To Hide It

He wasn’t having it 😂

Don’t go thinking that BTS‘s Suga is the only member in the group who brings laughs by not bothering to hide how done he is with his members sometimes.

Surprisingly, happy-go-lucky V has also—rather hilariously—judged his members in the past…without even bothering to hide it!

It’s impossible not to fall for his easy-going (and very real) attitude towards his members.

Take a look at 5 classic examples below.

1. When he looked at Suga with disgust

The tables have finally turned because it’s now Suga being judged instead of the other way around.

2. When he didn’t find Jin cute

While Jin may have thought he looked good for the camera, V appeared to have something else in mind!

3. When he didn’t hide how done he was

Having six other members can sometimes prove taxing on the emotions, and V showed exactly how he felt through his expression.

4. When he and Jungkook frowned intensely at each other

The two are so attuned to each other that they even flashed the same expression at the exact same time.

5. When his entire face screamed “WTF”

V’s reactions are always authentic, and if this doesn’t prove it, what does?

The way V never hides his true feelings is both hilarious and endearing at the same time!