5 Times Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Decided To Be A Savage Queen

Taeyeon didn’t hold back on Number 1!

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon has the heart of an angel and has gotten praised numerous times for her kind personality.

However, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a savage side.

Here’s a list of some moments when Taeyeon decided to be a savage queen.

1. Calling out an auditioning contestant

During an audition program called Voice Queen, a 32-year-old contestant named Hong Min Ji appeared and claimed that she almost became a member of Girls’ Generation.

She revealed that she was an SM Entertainment trainee many years ago, but seemingly left the company before Girls’ Generation debuted. She also cried when the group debuted, as she felt that she “belonged” in the group.

When I saw Girls’ Generation debut, I honestly cried. I thought, ‘My place was right there!’

— Hong Min Ji

Taeyeon didn’t take these comments too fondly, as she called out Hong Min Ji for falsifying that she almost became a member, and for seemingly disrespecting the hard work the members went through to debut as Girls’ Generation.

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

The eight of us put everything on the line and worked as hard as we can in order to debut under the name Girls’ Generation. We’re not a group that was made in a day.

It’s true that we had to work towards creating the best synergy between members, but we went through so much together before the public even knew about us.

Our team is not a bus stop where anyone can just stop by.

Unless you manipulate the members’ memories somehow or have actually worked hard and sweat with us, I wish people would stop bringing up Girls’ Generation’s name so easily. It makes us uncomfortable.

— Taeyeon

2. Clapping back a malicious commenter

A malicious commenter once left comments on Taeyeon’s Instagram, calling her “plastic”, and saying that she had multiple “failed surgeries”. Taeyeon decided to give a simple and savage response to this person.

Ok, look in the mirror.

— Taeyeon

3. Throwing shade at SM Entertainment

During a concert, a fan told Taeyeon that she had received a defective album.

Taeyeon was apologetic to the fan, so she decided to sign her album as a way of saying sorry.

After signing the album, Taeyeon decided to call out SM Entertainment for the defective album.

Here’s the full video below!

4. Scolding Red Velvet’s manager

Taeyeon once decided to treat Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Wendy to some ice cream, but the members couldn’t eat comfortably due to their manager staring them.

Taeyeon decided to “scold” the manager for her behavior, and for not letting Wendy and Seulgi eat comfortably.

Here’s the full video below!

5. Dissing KBS’s Music Bank

Taeyeon once called out Music Bank for giving Girls’ Generation improper earpieces and asked the program to create a better environment for artists.

Bonus: Allegedly throwing shade at Seungri

Taeyeon once shared with her fans that a doctor told her that it wasn’t recommended that she eat flours or sweets. However, Taeyeon seemingly ignored this and said that she was going to live her life the way she wanted to. After this statement, Taeyeon paused and added that she would live her life “within legal boundaries.” The caption soon read “Unintentional reflection period“.

Some netizens thought that she was commenting on Seungri’s scandal, and throwing shade at him. Many praised Taeyeon for her bold comments and for choosing to live her life the way she wanted.

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