5 Times Korean Entertainment Companies Were Caught Lying

Number 3 made up quite the lie.

Korean entertainment companies can be quite untruthful and shady. This could be for various reasons, such as wanting to maintain a good image, wanting fans to remain calm, or for more selfish reasons. Here are a few times Korean entertainment companies were caught being untruthful.

1. Cube Entertainment lying about HyunA and Dawn

In 2018, there were some rumors that HyunA and Dawn were in a relationship, but Cube Entertainment released a statement saying it was false. HyunA and Dawn soon came out and revealed that they were dating, which proved that Cube Entertainment was lying about their statement. Cube Entertainment then went on to terminate both of their contracts due to “lost trust”.

2. TS Entertainment & B.A.P

TS Entertainment’s mistreatment of B.A.P is quite well-known, as the group even once filed a lawsuit against the company. B.A.P filed the lawsuit because their contracts were advantageous to TS Entertainment and the members were getting unfair profit. TS Entertainment tried to defend themselves by claiming that B.A.P was being treated fairly. However, Bang Yongguk later came out and stated that he was never paid by the agency, and even had to go far lengths to find the money for the lawsuit.

I never complained about not having enough money. But the lawsuit did cost a lot. Because I wasn’t ever paid by the agency, I sold my collection of sneakers and paid off the fees. I stayed with my parents for the time being. I went back to the newspaper distribution office where I worked in my high school days. The owner knew I’d debuted as a celebrity. He asked me why I’m trying to deliver newspapers again. I laughed it off and told him it was to get some exercise because I wasn’t promoting anything at the time. I couldn’t tell the truth. Like that, I was delivering newspapers again.

— Bang Yongguk

3. KeyEast Entertainment lying about Kim Hyun Joong’s DUI

In 2017, Kim Hyun Joong was accused of drunk driving, but KeyEast Entertainment denied the allegations. The company said that Kim Hyun Joong was asked to move his car by a driving attendant, and that was the only reason he was driving. However, CCTV footage showed that this was a lie. It was shown that Kim Hyun Joong had been driving for approximately 15 minutes, and looked like he was driving home before he got caught by the police.

4. Han Sung Soo lying to get more royalties

Pledis Entertainment‘s CEO, Han Sung Soo, has recently made headlines for his method of gaining more profit. It was revealed that he secretly added his wife’s name as a composer for some of IZ*ONE‘s songs. Han Sung Soo’s wife didn’t partake in any of the music-making processes and didn’t receive any of the royalties. The main reason Han Sung Soo did this was that he wanted to gain more royalties for the songs. He would later apologize for his actions.

5. YG Entertainment’s constant lies to BLINKs

YG Entertainment has a reputation of constantly lying to fans, and it seems that BLINKs get some of the worst of it. YG Entertainment never keeps their words regarding BLACKPINK comebacks, such as when the company promised that Rosé’s solo track would be released in 2019, but it still hasn’t been released more than a year later.