5 Times K-Pop Idols Made Quick Returns After Scandals

Do you think some of them returned too quickly?

Usually, when K-Pop idols get involved in scandals, they take quite a bit of time off to reflect on their actions. However, there have been some moments when idols made relatively quick returns after scandals. Here’s a list of a few of these moments.

1. Former Crayon Pop member Ellin returning after a “romance scam” scandal

In 2019, Ellin was accused of perpetuating a “romance scam”, where a man accused her of scamming him into donating over 1 billion won (~$860,000 USD) on her broadcasts. Ellin would deny these claims and stated that the claims were distorted.

About three months after this scandal, Ellin returned to her AfreecaTV channel.

I took longer to return to Afreeca than I had originally expected. I thought a lot during my three-month break. It’s a complete return.

— Ellin

2. Park Yoo Chun returning after retiring

In 2019, Park Yoo Chun retired from the entertainment industry after he got involved in multiple scandals, such as the use of illegal drugs.

However, he decided to unretire around a year after he announced his retirement, stating that he returned for his fans.

I received a lot of love from them since my debut so I thought that was how I could repay them. I thought that was the respectful thing to do for those who were curious about how I was doing.

— Park Yoo Chun

This didn’t sit well with netizens, as they criticized him for returning.

3. Han Jong Yeon returning after his bullying scandal

In 2017, when Han Jong Yeon was a contestant on Produce 101 Season 2, a victim came out and revealed that Han Jong Yeon had severely bullied him in the past. This caused Han Jong Yeon to drop out of the show, and his company stated that he was going to deeply reflect on his actions.

I heard you’re appearing on TV. I still wake up crying whenever you appear in my dreams. I still want to die whenever I hear your name or see your face. I worry that once I upload this, you and your friends will harm me and my acquaintances. But come to think of it, I am no longer a young, fearful child who used to have no friends. Produce 101…I hope you rank high.

I’ll pull you back to the ground. All the times in elementary school when you made me masturbate in front of the other kids when you made me get into fights with other kids calling it Pokemon, when you shoved me into the broom closet not letting me eat lunch, etc., I still can’t forget about them.

But do you even remember me? It’s not only one or two kids who were victimized by you. Because of you, I went back and forth between life and death all throughout elementary and middle school. I’ll give back all the scars that you had given me.

Oh, and if anyone has something to say related to this, please Facebook message me. I will take legal action against any threats.

— Kangto Lee (Han Jong Yeon’s classmate)

Less than a year later, Han Jong Yeon participated in another survival program, MIXNINE. However, he didn’t make it far in the show, as he was eliminated during the first round of eliminations.

4. SHINHWA’s Andy returning after his gambling scandal

In 2013, Andy was indicted with illegally gambling on soccer matches. This scandal forced Andy to withdraw from all of his activities and even got him banned from MBC, one of Korea’s main broadcasting channels. Andy ended up making his return in late 2014 when he performed with SHINHWA at a concert in China. His ban from MBC wasn’t a long one either, as it got lifted after around a year.

5. Yong Jun Hyung reportedly returning after being involved in Jung Joon Young’s chatroom

In 2019, it was revealed that Yong Jun Hyung was a part of Jung Joon Young’s chatroom where they would share illegal photos and videos of women. While he initially denied the claims, police later found evidence that he was involved, and it led him to withdraw from HIGHLIGHT.

Jung Joon Young

In early 2020, some netizens found some “proof” that Yong Jun Hyung was going to return to the entertainment industry as a producer under the name “PURPLEMUSEUM” or “good life”. However, an official statement about this was never made.