5 Times K-Pop Idols Publicly Dissed Each Other

Number 4 is just plain rude.

K-Pop idols usually try not to publicly make controversial statements, as it could cause unwanted drama and backlash from netizens. However, some idols seemingly chose to ignore this and chose to publically “diss” other idols. Here are 5 of these kinds of moments.

1. G-Dragon (BIGBANG) dissing EXO and SHINee


In 2015, G-Dragon made some headlines after he made some controversial comments about SHINee and EXO.


During an interview with Newsroom, G-Dragon was asked what made BIGBANG different from other idol groups, such as EXO and SHINee. G-Dragon answered by saying that BIGBANG is different because they make their music.

The MC thought this could have been a controversial statement, so he asked G-Dragon if he wanted to reiterate his statement.

However, G-Dragon stuck with his answer.

2. Mr.Mr dissing Girls’ Generation

In 2014, the boy group Mr.Mr released a single called “Mr.Mr”. This made some headlines as the song was released only a few days after Girls’ Generation released a song with the same name.

Some netizens started to gain suspicion that the boy group was dissing Girls’ Generation’s song, as some of the lyrics seemed to imply it, such as, “Not with me but with another mistake, Mr.Mr.”

Mr.Mr’s agency, Winning Insight M, soon responded to the accusations by admitting that the song was directed towards Girls’ Generation and SM Entertainment.

Here is the full song below.

3. Kemy (A.KOR) dissing Park Bom (Former member of 2NE1)


In 2014, Park Bom’s career took a major hit when it was revealed that she had allegedly tried to smuggle in amphetamine tablets from the United States. Amphetamine is illegal in South Korea, so Park Bom’s image took quite a hit by the general public.

Park Bom

Rookie idol Kemy soon decided to release a diss track targeting Park Bom. Kemy seemingly dissed both Park Bom’s appearance, and her situation, “You’re weak, and you fell into drugs.
Did the drugs fall into the jelly box?”.

Here is the full song below.

4. Kang Sunghoon (Former member of Sechs Kies) dissing current idols

Kang Sunghoon is a first-generation K-Pop idol, so he has been in the industry for quite some time. However, he made some controversial comments when he seemingly dissed current idols, as he viewed them quite negatively.

Hey, but you know what? Recently idols look really ugly. When I see them at the salon, they’re so fucking ugly. Their skin is so dirty. They’re so fucking ugly, really. Why are they so ugly?

— Kang Sunghoon

5. BTS’s rap line vs. B-Free

BTS’s rap line

B-Free isn’t a K-Pop idol, but he has publicly dissed some K-Pop idols in his career, particularly BTS.  During BTS’s earlier days, BTS’s rap line was criticized by rapper B-Free for falling into the “temptation” of becoming a K-Pop idol. Suga and RM were both underground rappers before they debuted in BTS, so B-Free viewed them as “quitters” for becoming idols, as he didn’t view K-Pop idols as real rappers.

The BTS members didn’t think of these comments too kindly, and they soon released a savage diss track targeted at B-Free. The BTS members seemingly dissed both B-Free’s rapping skills, as well as his popularity, with some lyrics like, “Overspending on my pens that are more in number than your fans”.

Here is the full song below.