6 Celebrities Who Have Gotten Scammed

Some of these are just inhumane.

There have been many celebrities in the Korean entertainment industry who’ve had to deal with heartbreaking situations where they got scammed. Here’s a list of a few of these celebrities.


It was recently revealed that Lisa’s former manager had scammed her of ₩1 Billion KRW.

What was more heartbreaking was that the manager was someone who has been with BLACKPINK since their debut in 2016 and was someone that Lisa trusted. The manager took advantage of Lisa’s trust and told her that he would use her money to invest in real estate. However, the manager ended up just taking the money and wasted it all on gambling.

2. Tiger JK & Yoon Mi Rae

Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae once established a company with their now former managers to have full control over the type of music they released. The managers were the ones that were in charge of the business side of the company, while Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae handled the promotional side, such as albums, concerts, and advertisements.

However, their managers always claimed that the two weren’t making any money despite their constant schedules. Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae ended up believing their managers, as they just assumed that hip hop wasn’t a very profitable genre.

It wasn’t long before Tiger JK started getting suspicious of them, as their managers were stating that they earned less than $1,400 when they did 3 advertisements.

Tiger JK eventually snuck into the company office and found some shocking things. He found that in their 3 advertisements alone, they had earned about $470,000 USD. This meant that the managers had been lying to them the whole time about their profits. He also found a list of lies the managers came up with to tell Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae. In total, the two were scammed out of $4.7 million USD within 1 year.

3. Kim Jun Ho

Kim Jun Ho and Kim Woo Jung were co-CEOs of CoKo Entertainment. In late 2014, Kim Woo Jung had embezzled funds from the company and ran away to the United States. This caused the company to go into debt, and eventually go bankrupt.

4. Son Dambi

Son Dambi has revealed in the past that she once got scammed out of her apartment. She shared that she moved into an apartment after putting down a large deposit. However, she soon found out that her homeowner was bankrupt and ran away with the money.

The homeowner took the apartment money and ran. He went bankrupt and the apartment was put on auction.

— Son Dambi

5. IU

The List took a brief look at IU’s difficult journey to stardom and found that she once got scammed by an agency. When she was auditioning for companies, there was one company that decided to accept her. However, she was in for a shock when the company that had accepted her suddenly vanished.

Here’s the full video below!