6 Cosmic Girls Members Who Are So Beautiful That Fans Confuse Them As The Visual

They’re all so gorgeous!

Cosmic Girls (WJSN) is a girl group under Starship Entertainment. Besides being known for their unique concepts and overall talent, they’re also all visuals.

It’s hard to pick one “prettiest” member since their looks are all outstanding! Netizens recently discussed which members they believe are stand-outs in the group because of their visuals.

Check them out below!

1. Seola

Seola is Cosmic Girls’s lead vocalist.

She is the group’s “vitamin”, and the younger members look up to her because of her 10 years of experience as a trainee.

Her mature visuals definitely set her apart!

2. Bona

Aside from being the group’s official visual, Bona is also their lead dancer.

She has a classically beautiful face that would make anybody look twice at her.

It’s no wonder people always praise her looks!

3. Luda

Luda is Cosmic Girls’s vocalist and rapper.

If there were a human bunny, Luda may be it!

She’s adorable and pretty all in one!

4. Exy

Exy is the group’s ever-lovable leader and main rapper.

Without even trying, she gives off an air of elegance and refinement.

You can’t help but fall for her!

5. Eunseo

Eunseo is both a vocalist and rapper.

It’s impossible to deny her beauty, and those who say otherwise should look at her again.

She’s simply too stunning!

6. Cheng Xiao

Finally, Cheng Xiao is the main dancer, vocalist, and face of the group.

With her classically pretty features, she could probably pass as a princess!

She’s an all-rounder through and through.

At the end of the day, every single one of the Cosmic Girls members is undoubtedly beautiful!

Source: theqoo

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