6 Fan-edits Vs Real Photos Of BTS That Confirm ARMYs Are Wizards

Or maybe the boys are deep into stan Twitter.

When it comes to artist-fan connection, BTS and ARMYs can’t seem to get enough of each other. There is no doubt that the bond they share is special, and sometimes it shows through in almost supernatural ways.

Fan edits are not unique to the BTS fandom, but the rate at which ARMYs’ edited pictures of BTS come true in real life can sometimes freak out the fans too. Here are six times that happened in 2022 alone:

1. BTS at the White House

(left) Fanmade edit and (right) RM speaking at the White House in June

When you compare the edit to the actual photo, it is clear that this took a while to manifest into reality. Though the original edit started as a joke from the “President RM” genre, the real picture is from when BTS were invited to address anti-Asian hate in the U.S. at the White House in June.

2. Fluffy-haired Suga

(left) Fanmade edit and (right) Suga at an airport in early October

ARMYs have always been obsessed with seeing BTS in new types of hairstyles. Sometimes, it’s a buzzcut; sometimes, it’s flowy, luscious curls. One photo wizard made an edit of Suga with long, messy, wavy hair and had fans swooning at the possibilities. Then the rapper was seen sporting an eerily similar hairstyle months later at an airport.

3. Biker Jungkook

(left) Fanmade edit and (right) Jungkook in 2022 Seasons’ Greetings

Fan-made edits of bad boy Jungkook were always in abundance, especially since Jungkook started growing out his hair and getting tattoos. Maybe Big Hit staff took note, or perhaps the stars aligned way too perfectly, and the world was blessed with actual biker-Jungkook pictures from a themed photoshoot BTS did for the 2022 Seasons’ Greetings.

4. J-Hope in a mullet

(left) Fanmade edit and (right) J-Hope on a live broadcast in August

J-Hope usually sticks to short-length or mid-length hair, even though he has been very experimental with his hair color. But that fact makes it even more amusing that this edited photo of him in a mullet got just about everything right, from the length to the styling down to the hair color.

5. Vampire Jungkook

(left) Fanmade edit and (right) Jungkook’s photo-folio teaser

Bad boy Jungkook was still an achievable dream, but who would’ve thought he would take it a step forward and even make the vampire edits come true? When the first teaser for his photo folio dropped, ARMYs had to take several moments to register what had just happened.

6. Jimin in cutout clothes

(left) Fanmade edit and (right) Jimin’s actual photo-folio cover

ARMYs’ could only dream of witnessing Jimin in his full sensual glory, adorning a cutout piece, showing off his alluring physique. That was until he felt it was time to give the people what they wanted. When Jimin’s photo-folio teasers came out, many fans dropped to their knees because of this all-leather outfit.


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