6 Reasons Stray Kids Changbin Will Slay “Show Me The Money”

Though he loves to be called “Baby Changbin,” he’s far from inexperienced in rapping.

Mnet released the teaser for the ninth season of Show Me The Money, which had quite a few familiar faces like Swings and GEEKS‘ Lil Boi. Eagle-eyed fans also spotted Stray KidsChangbin.

While most fans were excited for the idol rapper to be recognized by Korean Hip-Hop artists, some were wary. But here are six reasons why Changbin will slay with his skills!

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1. Fiery Changbin

From Stray Kids’ maknae I.N to older members Han and Hyunjin, Changbin is the one who’s said to be the scariest member when he reaches the point of anger.

Since the contestants of Show Me The Money never shy away from dissing each other during one-on-one battles, that could be a benefit for Changbin.

Rather than letting those disses intimidate him, Changbin could turn the anger from receiving those comments into a fierce rap that would blow everyone away with his fiery side.

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2. Second Chance

This isn’t the first time Changbin has made an appearance on the survival show. Back in 2016, for season five of Show Me The Money, Changbin appeared in the sea of faces for two rounds of auditions.

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In the end, Changbin didn’t make the cut against so many other rappers. When Han once poked fun at the failed audition, Changbin didn’t even have the energy to throw hands over it.

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Changbin could only walk off-screen in a bit of anger at being reminded of the memory. Although he wasn’t able to pass the auditions back then, Changbin has grown as an artist and rapper in the four years since.

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Relying on his solid skills and his fiery determination to redeem himself and succeed, Changbin can prove everyone wrong and keep his members from joking about it no longer.

3. SpearB

From the raps in Stray Kids’ songs to adding his special touch on their tracks, they’re all part of Changbin’s persona as a polished idol.

Though Changbin is able to show his SpearB roots through 3RACHA‘s mixtapes, Show Me The Money will give him the chance to show a different, raw side of himself than everyone is accustomed to.

Tapping into “Dark Changbin,” he can use his rap to paint pictures of raw emotion and fierceness that fans are more than ready to see.

4. “Matryoshka”

During Stray Kids’ survival show Stray Kids, rappers Han and Changbin went up against the then-trainees of YG Entertainment with their mixtape track “Matryoshka”.

Before Changbin even began to rap, he had them impressed—especially TREASURE‘s Bang Yedam.

By the end, both Changbin and Han had everyone blown away by their fierce rapping. From AB6IX‘s Woong to the then-YG Entertainment head and Park Jin Young, everyone was impressed.

If Changbin could perform so well under pressure, Show Me The Money won’t phase him.


Because Stray Kids’ producing team is just as talented in rapping, Changbin has the upper hand when it comes to the competitive nature of Show Me The Money.

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Through Han, Changbin, and Bang Chan working together—before and after debut—they’ve been able to reach new levels with their rap skills, which has a special benefit for the upcoming appearance.

With them being talented in freestyle rap, particularly Han, Changbin can get a taste of what he’ll be facing on Show Me The Money with a bit of practice to sharpen his skills and prepare for anything.

6. Pure Skill

From the fast-paced and powerful way that Changbin raps when performing with Stray Kids, he’s turned more than a few heads for the unique energy he has.

With years to hone his craft and all the experience he’s gained as an artist, Changbin is more than ready to prove himself on a stage that’s difficult for idols to reach.

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