6 Sweet Interactions Between TXT And Gallant That Have Us Hoping For A Collab

They’re huge fans of one another!

TXT are big fans of American singer-songwriter Gallant, especially Taehyun — and the admiration goes both ways! Here’s a list of 6 times TXT and Gallant had the most precious interactions that show how much they respect each other as artists.

1. Taehyun’s cover

Last year, Taehyun posted this cover of Gallant’s song, “Episode.” He showed off his amazing range and vocal skills.

He then got noticed by the original singer himself: Gallant tweeted out his applause for Taehyun later that day!

2. Weverse shout-outs

Taehyun has recommended songs by Gallant multiple times, like this one time a fan on Weverse asked what song he’d been listening to lately! Taehyun listed off a few songs including “Neptune” by Gallant.

| Weverse

3. “My bro!”

Gallant replied to a MOA‘s tweet about Taehyun once! The fan tweeted out a link to “Neptune” and mentioned that BTS’V, Taehyun, and ENHYPEN‘s Heeseung are big fans of Gallant. Gallant saw the tweet and gave a shout-out to Taehyun for “all the love!”

4. First Concert

During an interview with NME in July, the TXT members revealed that the first concert they attended was a Gallant concert! They all went together to see the show. Gallant saw a tweet from a fan containing that clip from the interview and quote-tweeted it!

5. MV Comments

Gallant often leaves comments under K-Pop music videos, and has done so for TXT multiple times! He commented under their music video for “Can’t You See Me” and wrote, “This is such a bop.”

Gallant also commented on the music video for “Magic!” He praised the song by saying, “This goes crazy.”

TXT saw his comment and talked about it during a livestream! They thanked him and reminisced on the time they saw him in concert during their trainee days.

And Gallant himself replied to this fan account’s tweet to share that he has nothing but love for the group.

6. “Blue Hour” Cover

Just this week, Gallant tweeted that he heard “Blue Hour” playing while he was at a boba shop.

He then posted a short cover of the song on TikTok and gave it his own personal flair. He named the sound, “idk maybe i should drop the full version,” and we’re hoping he does!

Gallant and TXT undeniably have a lot of admiration for one another. Their online interactions are so cute, but hopefully we get a collab between them in the future!

Source: Twitter and TikTok