6 Times BTS’s Jimin Proved He Was BIGBANG Taeyang’s Ultimate Fan

Their upcoming reported collaboration would make Jimin’s VIP dreams come true!

It’s been an exciting few hours for ARMYs after Korean media released insider reports that BTS‘s Jimin may be featured on BIGBANG Taeyang‘s comeback album.

BTS’s Jimin

The BTS member has been diligently working on his solo music over the last few months, leaving ARMYs thrilled whenever he emerges from his creative processes to check in with fans.

ARMYs have slowly been receiving more Jimin content this week. He was recently spotted at Incheon airport departing for schedules in New York, he returned to Weverse to post a rare selfie, and news of his reported collaboration with Taeyang was released.

Jimin at Incheon Airport ahead of his flight to New York

The collaboration has yet to be confirmed by BIGHIT MUSIC or YG Entertainment. The latter only recently stated to SpoTV News that they are working to confirm the reports.

As two pioneering groups for K-Pop, the incredible star power behind this reported collaboration is already being named the “greatest collaboration ever” by netizens.

While it may not be officially confirmed, fans are feeling hopeful as the BIGBANG member has been seen hanging with members of BTS this year.

BIGBANG’s Taeyang | YG Entertainment

In July, he was among the VIP guests at J-Hope‘s legendary Jack in the Box listening party, and in August and September, Taeyang was spotted at separate events with BTS’s RM, a book launch, and an art fair.

BIGBANG’s Taeyang at the “Jack in the Box” listening party | @__youngbae__/Instagram
BTS’s RM (left), photographer Mok Jungwook (center), and BIGBANG’s Taeyang (right) at Mok’s book launch party

If the reported collaboration is true, it will be a special moment for Jimin as he’s long been outspoken about Taeyang being his idol.

Here are six times Jimin proved that he was an ultimate fan of BIGBANG’s Taeyang.

1. He named Taeyang as his idol growing up

In a debut-era interview, Jimin was asked who he most admired before his debut. His quick answer was Taeyang, and his fellow members already knew that’s what he would say.

2. He learned to play Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress” on the piano

While filming for BTS’s Japanese version of their “Run” music video, Jimin took time between shots to play the intro of Taeyang’s solo song “Wedding Dress” on the piano.

3. He played “Wedding Dress” so often that even J-Hope jokingly called him out for it

He again played the intro while filming BTS’s reality show In The Soop and was hilariously “called out” by J-Hope for playing the same song for eight years.

4. Jimin’s showed his sunbae love even as a rookie idol

While on M! Countdown in 2014, Jimin passionately sang along to Taeyang’s iconic solo song, “Eyes, Nose, Lips.”

5. He knows all of the words and the choreography

Also in 2014, Jungkook released a mini cover of “Eyes, Nose, Lips” on BTS’s official YouTube channel while Jimin accompanied him with a brief dance.

6. He attended BIGBANG’s movie premiere solo, proving he’s the ultimate VIP

In 2016, Jimin was spotted attending the premiere of BIGBANG Made The Movie, a documentary of their 2015 world tour.

Jimin at the “BIGBANG Made The Movie” premiere.

With YG Entertainment working to confirm if the reports are true, fans will hopefully have an update soon!

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