Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS’s Jimin At The Airport Heading To New York

He’s RICH rich!

BTS‘s Jimin was recently spotted at Incheon Airport on his way to New York for an overseas schedule.

His luxurious yet adorable airport fashion showed off his signature style and caused him to trend worldwide on Twitter and garnered attention from ARMY around the world who missed him during his social media drought!

One of the focal points of his look was his Fake Me Harry BSV Glasses ($133 USD) which he paired with a black Louis Vuitton Ahead Beanie ($560 USD).

His “tteokbokki” coat got a lot of attention, too! This cute nickname is for duffle coats due to the shape of their buttons looking just like the Korean snack. Jimin’s wool coat is from Maison Margiela and which costs upwards of $2,000 USD.

One of the special parts of his look was his unique choice of sneaker. He rocked the Nike Air Force 1 Valentine’s Day Love Letter sneakers ($221 USD).

The super cute and trendy shoe has pink and red coloring for Valentine’s Day and a variety of intricate heart-shaped details.

Lastly, Jimin knows how to finish off his outfit with a good bag! He sported his Dior Explorer Messenger Bag (around $2,450 USD).

With that, his stylish look is complete — for over $5,300!

Jimin is the definition of luxury!


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