6 Touching Moments That Show SHINee Will Always Be Five


With SHINee’s recent comeback with “Don’t Call Me”, fans have noticed that the members have continued to show themselves as five members. Whether it is through their social media or on stage, they will always reserve a spot for Jonghyun.

Let’s take a look at some precious moments of the members representing themselves as five!

1. Social media posts

Whenever the members post about group promotions or a comeback, they never forget to emphasize the fact that they are five members. Taemin captioned his post with five lines, while Minho simply emphasized to everyone that SHINee is five.

2. Music Core performance

With their recent comeback stages, fans found that they had left spots open in the choreography for Jonghyun. If you look at the “Heart Attack” comeback stage, you can see clearly that there are open spaces.

| screenshot by Yeppeun_Mabeopsa/Music Core
| screenshot by Yeppeun_Mabeopsa/Music Core
| screenshot by Yeppeun_Mabeopsa/Music Core

3. Studio Choom performance

In the “Don’t Call Me” performance for the Studio Choom YouTube channel, they also noticed that they left a gap as they walked off at the end of the stage.

| Studio Choom/YouTube

4. Comeback performance video

In the “Don’t Call Me” performance stage, you can also spot five frames on the wall, with the furthest one to the right-left blank.

| SHINee/YouTube

5. Music video reaction

During SHINee’s reaction to their music video, Taemin also refers to them as “five men from outer space”.

| SHINee/YouTube

6. SBS Inkigayo interview

During their SBS Inkigayo interview, fans were touched after seeing Onew say I love you three times to the members and a fourth time as he looked up.

Aside from performances, they also recently fulfilled Jonghyun’s wish by collaborating with the Korean soju company, Jinro. Five years ago, Jonghyun wished that they could have a beer mug as merchandise after seeing one made by Shinhwa.

SHINee’s continuous action to represent their group as five members in everything that they do has made Shawols tear up and hearts overflow with happiness.

Source: reddit


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