SHINee Fulfilled Late Jonghyun’s Wish From 5 Years Ago With Their Newest Merchandise

“Jonghyun, have you seen this?”

In light of SHINee‘s comeback, they announced a collaboration with the Korean soju company, Jinro, leading to a promotional product, which is their soju with a new label which reads, “SHINee is back” and “Jinro X SHINee“.

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And sure enough, Key made sure to show fans of the new soju through his Instagram account.

| @bumkeyk/Instagram

While everyone was excited about the collaboration, a post that late Jonghyun shared 5 years ago back in 2016 resurfaced.

| SM Entertainment


That’s because, in the post, Jonghyun expressed his wishes of having a beer mug as merchandise one day after his sister showed him the one Shinhwa made.

I came home after our concerts ended, and my sister told me that Shinhwa’s concerts ended, too. She then bragged about Shinhwa’s merchandise which was a beer mug… And mentioned that we can’t make those yet… I hope I can have a beer mug, too… in 10 years…

— Jonghyun

| @bumkeyk/Instagram

It may not be the exact same thing, but the news of SHINee’s collaboration with a soju company was close enough for fans to flock over to late Jonghyun’s Twitter account.

Jonghyun, have you seen this? It’s not a beer mug, but it’s soju!

— Jonghyun

Hopefully, this is enough to make late Jonghyun proud.

Because fans definitely couldn’t be more proud of SHINee.

Source: Insight


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