Here Are 6 Types Of K-Pop Fans Who Gravitate Towards Specific Groups

Who else should be on the list?

While K-Pop fans can come from a variety of backgrounds, some groups tend to attract specific types of fans more than others. From age to nationality, each group has a strong pull for different niche markets.

Check out some unique classifications below!

1. Younger Fans

Produce series groups

Before the voting manipulation scandal, Produce 101 was the most popular survival program in South Korea. The groups that came from the program such as I.O.I, WANNA ONE, IZ*ONE, and X1 all gained high rates of popularity. They frequently won awards such as “Rookie of the Year” and weekly wins in music shows.

As Produce gathered around one hundred trainees whose ages ranged from their teens to early twenties, it’s no wonder their fans were made up of the younger generation as well.

2. Older Fans


Unlike the aforementioned groups, MAMAMOO has many mature fans in their twenties and older. This may have something to do with their older average age compared to other idol groups at 26.25 years old. In comparison, BLACKPINK is another 4-member group with an average age of 23.75 years old.

MAMAMOO’s fans may be able to relate better with the members as they are almost the same age. The group’s mature and sexy concepts is another attractive factor.

3. Local Fans

BTOB and Oh My Girl

BTOB and Oh My Girl may not have the most mentions on Twitter, but they frequently hit the Top 100 chart of MelOn, one of South Korea’s largest digital streaming sites.

Their sentimental songs like “Missing You” and “Secret Garden” were received positively by the public, and the members are also well-rounded and well-liked.

4. International Fans


On the flipside, groups like MONSTA X, and EVERGLOW may have many fans on Twitter and Facebook but they have a hard time breaking into digital charts. MONSTA X, for instance, took three years to win first place on a major music show with “Shoot Out” in Music Bank back in 2018.

They have had great achievements, however, in the international scale. MONSTA X broke into the Top 5 of Billboard‘s 200 Chart while EVERGLOW hit over 110 million views in YouTube just a few months after their first comeback music video, “Adios”, was posted.

5. Male Fans


There’s no doubt that TWICE has many female fans, but there’s just something about their cuteness and image that attracts male fans locally and internationally. No matter what ideal type one has, they may find it in the chic Mina, the adorable Sana, the mature Jihyo, and more!

There are many male ONCEs who have gone viral online with their intense support for the group, be it with their dance covers, concert gimmicks, or funny interviews.

6. Female Fans

LOONA, BLACKPINK, and Red Velvet

Finally, LOONA, BLACKPINK, and Red Velvet have many female fans despite also being women themselves. Their cool, sexy, and charismatic concepts are total #girlcrush and therefore attractive to fellow women.

In fact, some of their best concepts are their darker and more seductive ones.

No matter what type of fans a group tends to attract, they are all loved equally!

Source: Reddit