7 Hit Songs By “Handsome” The Black Label Producer R.Tee You Need To Know Now

He’s under The Black Label, YG Entertainment’s subsidiary.

YG Entertainment is a powerhouse of massively talented producers. From Teddy to Choice37 to Future Bounce, hit songs were made. Another popular producer is R.Tee who currently works under YG Entertainment’s subsidiary, The Black Label.

| @rteeofficial/Instagram

Known for being “young and handsome”, he’s an ace in the entertainment world! Check out some of R.Tee’s hits below!

1. MOBB – “Hit Me”

WINNER‘s Mino and iKON‘s Bobby released “Hit Me” as MOBB. R.Tee arranged it with Choice37, Kush, and Teddy. The song debuted at #3 on Billboard‘s World Digital Songs.


BIGBANG‘s last comeback was with “FXXK IT” and “Last Dance” in 2016. G-Dragon produced the former with R.Tee, creating an energetic and playful song together. It debuted at #1 on the Gaon Digital Chart.


BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” was composed by R.Tee alongside Teddy, 24, and Bekuh Boom. It ended up becoming the first K-Pop group song that hit one billion views on YouTube.

4. iKON – “Killing Me”

iKON‘s “Killing Me” was released in August 2018. B.I worked with R.Tee and Joe Rhee to make the intense track for their extended play New Kids: Continue. It describes the feeling of a painful and emotional breakup.

5. R.Tee x Anda – “What You Waiting For”

Anda‘s debut song under YG Entertainment was also R.Tee’s goodbye song before enlisting in the military. While it could have been part of BLACKPINK’s album, he wanted to work with Anda and release the song under his name as well.

6. BLACKPINK – “Playing With Fire”

R.Tee named “Playing With Fire” his favorite song that he composed as he loved the touches that Teddy put. R.Tee later revealed that he made “Playing With Fire” in just 20 minutes.

7. Taeyang – “Wake Me Up”

Finally, Taeyang‘s single “Wake Me Up” was released in 2017 in his third studio album White Night. It was produced by R.Tee, Kush, and Joe Rhee. This song showed that while R.Tee can make lively, club-like songs with heavy beats, he can also be sentimental.

From boy groups to girl groups, happy songs to melancholic ones, R.Tee can do them all!

| @rteeofficial/Instagram