7 Idols Who Defended Other Idols From Haters, Bullies, And Critics

These idols stood up for their friends and peers when they needed it.

Idols are beloved by millions, but they are also targetted by haters, bullies, critics, and anti-fans. Luckily, these celebrities have amazing friends and peers who aren’t afraid to stand up for them.


1. BamBam (GOT7)

#RespectLisa trended around the world when BLINKs tweeted out their support for BLACKPINK Lisa after she received racist criticism, following the 33rd Golden Disc Awards. During an interview, BamBam also defended Lisa, who has been his friend since childhood.


2. Jessi

If there’s one Korean celebrity you want on your side of a bar fight, it’s Jessi. This badass rapper refuses to put up with anybody’s BS, and never hesitates to defend herself and her friends from haters. When HyunA and E’Dawn  came under fire for dating, Jessi had no problem defending them in an Instagram live.

“Everyone can date whoever the f*ck they want, okay? We’re not little children. Doesn’t matter if you’re an idol. They do have a little bit of an image, but she’s old enough to date whoever the hell she wants. And the fact that she came out and said she’s dating whoever, let her date him.”

— Jessi


3. IU

Ever the famous fan of IU, DIA‘s Yebin uploaded a video cover of herself singing IU‘s “Between the Lips” to her personal Instagram.

One malicious netizen left a comment claiming that Yebin wasn’t worthy of IU’s friendship because she wasn’t popular enough, and Yebin replied with, “It’s okay because I love her”. Soon after, IU saw the conversation and stepped in to show her love towards Yebin by leaving a thumbs up and a heart comment under the video. It completely made Yebin’s day!


4. Hongbin (VIXX)

In April 2018, Hongbin posted an angry tweet that many netizens believe was defending his groupmate, NThe tweet was posted after some fans began speculating that N would hold a solo fan meeting in Japan on his birthday this year (as he has done so every year in the past). 

“Let’s not make someone into a target of hate. Have you considered what it means to the other person when you draw your sword?”

— Hongbin


5. Mino (WINNER) and P.O (BLOCK B)

Choi Yeseul may be famous now, but she wasn’t always so popular. The actress revealed that Mino and P.O protected her from bullies in high school, back when she was a transfer student.

Female students bullied her after Choi Yeseul imitated the protagonist from Boys Over Flowers. Mino and P.O both stood up for her, and she’s forever grateful for their kindness.


6. Hong Seok Cheon

Hong Seok Cheon defended EXO Kai‘s and BLACKPINK Jennie‘s romantic relationship on television. One of the panelists on the show brought up Jennie’s debut solo track, “SOLO”, saying that it would have been problematic if it’d been released after the news broke. Hong Seok Cheon defended the couple by saying that public opinion shouldn’t be so important and idols should be able to date freely.


7. Suga (BTS)

Suga defended his members and their reputation from critics without saying a word. During a performance of “MIC Drop”, Suga lowered his microphone in the middle of his rap verse to prove that BTS doesn’t lip sync. It was the ultimate rebel move, and fans will never forget it!

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