7 K-Pop Groups Who Were Accused of Lip Syncing

They all proved the haters wrong.

K-Pop idols are known for being the full entertainment package and are expected to be able to sing and dance to elaborate routines for many of their releases. Often enough, groups are able to pull off such amazing performances that people are convinced that they must not be singing live.

Here are seven times K-Pop groups were accused of lip-syncing (and how they proved their haters wrong!).


BLACKPINK were recently accused of lip-syncing during their historic performance at the 2022 VMAs (also known as the 2022 Video Music Awards) by Variety Magazine, an American media outlet. The magazine added the group’s performance to their list of worst moments from the night, saying that the group were guilty of “obvious” lip-syncing.

BLACKPINK | @variety/Twitter

…The most conspicuous blunder was the obvious lip-syncing. Among the repeat offenders are artists like Blackpink, Anitta, and Flo Milli — who devoted attention to their killer dance routines but left little room for the actual singing.

— Variety

Korean netizens quickly came to the group’s defense after the article went viral in Korea, with one saying that “Billboard said that it was the second best stage after Nicki Minaj and mentioned that Variety also gave bad reviews to other K-Pop performances as well.


While they were not outright accused of lip-syncing, during an interview with WIRED ATEEZ answered some of the most asked questions on the internet about them. The first question asked was “does ATEEZ lip-sync?” and it seemed like the group were eager to answer.

ATEEZ | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Seongwha proclaimed that “We can proudly say that 100% of our performances are sung live,” and the other members all confirmed it as well!



STAYC recently gained attention for their firm opinion on lip-syncing. In a video posted to their company’s channel, the girls discussed how they have frequently performed live since their debut and how it was important to sing in tune without much backtrack.

STAYC | @STAYC_official/Twitter

The girls insisted that everyone should know that they sing live and felt the need to emphasize the fact.

“It feels obvious to us that we sing live in live performances.

— STAYC’s Sumin

STAYC even went as far as to say that they sing live when they shoot music videos because their energy looks different.

4. aespa

Aespa have had many instances where they were accused of lip-syncing during their performances, despite many praising the group’s amazing vocals. Winter took it upon herself to prove the haters wrong during one of the group’s music show performances.

aespa’s Winter | @aespa_official/ Twitter


While performing “Dreams Come True”, Winter walked to the front as though to sing her parts but did not open her mouth. Only the backing vocals could be heard, and based on the small smirk Winter gave the camera, she did this to prove they were singing live!

5. AleXa

The talented songstress and American Song Contest winner AleXa has faced her share of singing naysayers. During the opening episode of the show, AleXa stunned viewers around the country with her talent, but many claimed that she was not singing live.

AleXa | @alexa_zbofficial/Instagram

Not only did fans come to her defense, but music industry critics as well! The common consensus was that because AleXa was singing AND dancing, her backing track was needed to be a little bit stronger and that K-Pop idols are usually trained that way.

| @ghweldon/Instagram


6. NCT Dream

NCT Dream recently made their first KCON LA appearance in mid-August 2022 and stunned fans around the world with their amazing vocals. So amazing, in fact, that many thought that the group may have been lip-syncing. Chenle took to Dear. U Bubble to tell everyone that they were singing live in the most classy way yet savage way.

NCT Dream’s Chenle | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Instagram

I heard someone say our mics weren’t on thank you for the compliment hahaha the mics were all on okay hahaha.

— Chenle

Based on Chenle’s amazing and clear vocals it’s easy to see why someone might think it was a track playing instead!

7. BTS

When BTS were accused of not singing live, Suga had the best response to shut down the haters.

BTS’s Suga

When the group performed “MIC DROP” at the 2017 SBS Gayo Daejun, fans were thrilled to see the interesting set up featuring BTS sitting at a table with many microphones propped in front of them. When it was time for Suga to do his rap, he killed it during the first portion before dropping it right in the middle. The track continued without the sound of his voice while he nodded and smiled at the camera, proving that no lip-syncing was taking place!